The Portable Gamer DSi Review: Asphalt 4 Racing

TPG says, "If we get away from the aforementioned marketing info for a moment, we might see through to what this game actually is: a competent take on arcade racing, easily downloaded, for $8. If I put the previous sentence at the top of the review, how differently would you feel? This is where reviewing games gets tricky. I'm a lucky guy – I get to review games for fun. I don't usually have to pay for them (though I did pay for this one), and I can usually compare across versions to see which has the best value/performance ratio. Here's my bottom line: if you have an iPhone or iPod Touch and a DSi, opt for the iPhone version. It's a lot cheaper, and the game is almost identical. If you only have a DSi, you can do a LOT worse with the free 1000 points you got from Nintendo for upgrading your portable handheld. Like nintendo-themed clocks or calculators worse."

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wondroushippo3275d ago

This game looks pretty cool, although I do love my Nintendo clocks and calculators...

bgrundman3275d ago

sign me up, but I need to be able to by a DSi first

CrAppleton3275d ago

Always room for more racers on the DSi

Neco5123275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

I like the graphics! Looks like an awesome racer for the DSi

roblef3275d ago

I haven't gotten NeedForSpeed on the iPhone, yet, but would LOVE to see more premium iPhone apps ported over to the DSi.

GrE-Jace3275d ago

At least it's an actual game being released on DSi Ware instead of freaking mario clocks or paid-demos.

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