inFamous To Get A Multi-Sequel?

Tony of writes:

"Superman has Metropolis, Spider-Man has Manhattan, Cole has Empire City. But Empire City is done. The three main districts have been explored. Unlike GTA 4's Liberty City, the missions took advantage of every locale.

Sucker Punch could have Cole leave Empire City in search of more answers. To save space and resources this could be set up with DLC for inFamous."

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BlackIceJoe3307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

I think it would be interesting if Infamous take place in new locations. Spoiler Warning Some thing like Cole has to be running from the military so that would allow for new city's to be shown. Plus with the Beast you might need to be on the run. End Spoiler

I really like the ideas of having NPC really adding some thing to the game. That being said Infamous was a great game and I can't wait to see where Sucker Punch will take Infamous 2 too.

Christopher3307d ago

My _only_ issue with these concepts of sequels is that we're still focusing on Cole. What I want most out of a sequel is more than just lightning abilities, but new ones with possibly new characters who are weaved into the storyline. Could definitely do fire and ice powers with similar weaknesses and concept as lightning.

whoelse3307d ago

Would be good with Uncharted 2 graphic quality, in a new city somewhere.

raztad3307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )


Dont forget the last boss, you know which one. Well, THAT one was quite powerful and with crazy powers.

I really loved inFAMOUS, its story is AAA for a superhero game. I easily understand why Sony wants to bring it to the big screen.


I'd love to see some story based DLC. Two or three dlcs, counting some side stories, not just Cole's. After the big bang, amazing things could happen to anyone, if you know what I mean. A lot of ground to develop Empire City universe.

Chubear3307d ago

it's kinda obvious that sequels will have exactly what you just said you wanted to see.

cranium3307d ago

But the certain boss at the end had the same powers that Cole does, just supercharged. The only different thing is that he can make multiple "ghost" copies of himself and maybe the super speed. So using his powers wouldn't really be a radical change in gameplay.

The Matrix3307d ago

Sucker punch - Don't let me see you make a sequel to infamous until you make Sly 4.

-your biggest fan.

BISHOP-BRASIL3306d ago (Edited 3306d ago )

inFAMOUS 1 was just the beginning. If you were paying attention, Cole goes through the entire game in past tense, he just swap to present talking in the end, as he "take a last look" at Kessler.

So basically, everything you played was already past.

If you run around after the end of the game, search for a television, you'll get updated on USTV that a vaccine for the plague is ready, everybody will get a shot of it on the next day. It's either Empire City people's way out or a hoax to get everyone together and drop a bomb.

Sasha is alive somewhere with her plague juice, still want Cole.

Alden jumped from the bridge but probably survived and want his place within the first sons back.

Moya is still behind the ray sphere power, which the only remain is Cole himself now.

Zeke is no longer trustworthy and Cole never said he forgives Zeke for Trish's death, not to mention Zeke stayed around Kessler and the Ray Sphere sometime, no one knows what Zeke's learn (he didn't even notice Kessler and Cole likeness?) and what plans he has now.

The "Voice of Survival" is said to be get by reapers or dust man (I don't remember which) in a dead drop, but didn't say if they killed him or what. Cole wanted to know how this guy get those tapes and what he had against Cole... He knew/knows too much anyway.

Kessler said the Beast was about to come. As a future dweller, he is responsible for prisoning everybody in Empire City. This guy didn't commit mistakes before, the Beast must appear firstly in Empire City and will be trapped with Cole in there.

There is obviously various hooks to continue the story right there in Empire City. The way I see it, inFAMOUS 2 will start in the very same location, maybe even from the day after the end of inFAMOUS 1, and expand from there, maybe attack capital if Maya is really with the government, maybe use more the sewers and get a way out from there.

In the power department. I don't see him controlling fire or ice. His power is way more natural. Electricity, a flow of electrons, is natural, considering someone could control this flow, makes sense not only to Cole's powers, but also for Kessler's. So I can see then improving from there. Starting with Kessler's powers that Cole don't have an equivalent, like telepathy, capacity of creating energy clones/ilusions, super speed and time control. Expanding further in electricity powers, they can also add magnetism based powers.

Hudahudahuda3306d ago

Alex Mercer is the beast kessler warned cole about at the end of the game.

Cenobia3306d ago


I think he actually has the ability to warp. That would be pretty awesome. Hard to pull off well, but it could be awesome.

Also time travel. I'm not sure how electricity links to that but it could be hinting at his powers expanding past electricity. Or they could just be drawing vague connections.

I personally think there is enough to do with just electricity. He could shoot Street fighter-like balls of electricity, or add more blade/projectile weapons (I didn't preorder so I never got to use the blades), create electric weapons from objects like street signs, create imploding electric vortexes, etc.

There is plenty of stuff they could do. The real problem is making other people powerful enough to give you a challenge. Even with all the powers at the end of the first game you're pretty damn strong. I hope they don't gimp you Assassins Creed style for the next iteration.

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Freakwave0033307d ago

But running away from the military seems kind of cliche. It's already been done to death. Hell, Prototype did it.

Godmars2903307d ago

Don't forget that there are "others" after him as well.

Chubear3307d ago

... and don't forget, there could possibly be different time lines too.

presto7173307d ago

When they said multi, I thought they meant multi-platform. Almost gave me a heart attack...


Shadow Man3307d ago

Keep that trash on the ps3 where it belongs LOL

/jk ;P

Mindboggle3307d ago

Yes, and keep your trash talk in the Open Zone...

-MD-3307d ago

Lol you almost had a heart attack from that? Damn you guys are on the edge.

presto7173307d ago

I was just kidding of course. But still.....

cmrbe3307d ago

Sony owns the IP. Next time you see milti. It might mean it will be on the PSP which is what i thought when i saw this article.

Chubear3307d ago

However, I'm sure we all see that the title was purposefully intended to do what it did to you.

RollingOnNubz3307d ago

Sony doesn't own Sucker Punch. They do however own the inFamous IP.

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Strikepackage Bravo3307d ago

I hope infamous also comes to PSP, like PS3s other exclusives seem to be doing.

saggyscrote3307d ago

That would be sweet. Infamous on the go. Playstation is just getting toooo many awesome exclusives.

BlackIceJoe3306d ago

I would love to see Infamous come out on the PSP. I so would love the game to have you be Kessler instead of Cole. This way you get to find out more of his story and how He gets to meet up with Cole.

3307d ago
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