Lost Planet 2 spearhead's Capcoms releases for rest of 2009

Nick @ writes:

So what is the Japanese publisher's forecast for the rest of the 2009 calendar year? Capcom expects to remain right on target in terms of their earnings. Though Dark Void, scheduled previously to release during the holiday season, has been delayed to 'avoid competition', the publisher stands steadfastly behind Lost Planet 2. Though no official date has been announced yet, the company maintained that the title would still be out this calendar year and would spearhead their software releases this fall. Capcom is expecting the title to sell 2.7 million copies worldwide., which is the most out of any title due in the US this fiscal year.

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gauntletpython3341d ago

nice, glad to see the game is still coming this year. looks sick!

interrergator3341d ago

yess hope it stays there i would love to see this

shadowfox3341d ago

first game sucked, not sure where all the hype is coming from for this one. keep your hopes in check

ian723341d ago

I'm looking forward to Dark void more than Lost planet. They both look great games but I just like the Dark void trailers.