To Be The Joker On The PlayStation 3

Stephen Totilo writes:

"At a Sony event earlier this week, I was the Joker on the PlayStation 3. This was no laughing matter.

For no cost, PS3 purchasers of next month's Batman: Arkham Asylum will be able to download some bonus challenge rooms that will let them pit the Joker against swarms of enemies. These are ethically-flipped versions of Arkham Asylum's Batman-based challenge rooms, which are brawling stages set apart from the game's campaign.

Batman beats up prison crooks. The Joker fights prison guards."

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yoghurt3275d ago

Must admit this is a great bonus for PS3 owners, adds a whole lot of extra gameplay to what looks like (in my opinion) a very good game indeed.

SmokingMonkey3275d ago

Who does the voice for this Joker?

It isn't Mark Hamill? is it?

I think they are doing a good job on this Batman game, but I would love to see an open world Dark Knight game like inFamous with good and bad choices for Batman to make (ie Dark Knight type choices, with The Joker giving the options!!!!)

ravinash3275d ago

Although what I would like to see is an open world of spawn.
I think the story line really opens itself up for an open world game.
A really dark game with choices between good and evil.

Well, I can dream.

deadreckoning6663275d ago

Im surprised Sony hasn't mentioned this is gunna be a hybrid disc with The Dark Knight also packaged in on the same disc, which is the supposed reason for the delay.

darthv723275d ago

hadn't heard that one before. Is it true or just a rumor?

Mo0eY3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Dark Knight isn't published by Sony Pictures. I think it's Warner Brothers since they own the rights to Batman.

Edit: Yeah, it's Warner Bros. I do hope that Warner Brothers does something like this. That'd be cool.

darthv723275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

I was under the impression that he was going to be playable throughout the game. He is only playable in special challenge levels that have no bearing on the rest of the game??? Then why make him exclusive at all?
Why make them downloadable even? They could fit on the disc unless there are other plans for this content.....?

Anyone else think they modeled batman after george clooney?

ian723275d ago

This is one game I will buy day 1. Looking good in trailers.