Top 5 Xbox360 commercials

Here are some of the more interesting and bizarre XBOX 360 commercials to date.

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Sean142334245d ago

If these are the top 5, I would not want to see the 5 worst

Extra Guy4245d ago

is it just me or have the consoles (except WII) this gen all seem to have really strange adverts? Still the one with the fake gunfight i thought was brilliant.

JasonXE4245d ago (Edited 4245d ago )

I was hoping to use that as an article a few months ago, guess someone caught up... Btw I would of picked J Allard playing pgr 3 commerical instead of that weird kid grooowwwlll. My favorite is the mass water balloon fight and fake gun commerical.

Magus8D4245d ago

tell you the truth, i was going to write the article as, "The good, The Bad and the Weird". But the article became too long. And i couldnt decide if i should add video games or just xbox console and accessories ads.

calderra4245d ago

J Allard PGR3:
(right side of page as of when I checked)

And yes, he really does own that car.
"buup... buup... BUUUP!"

360's commercials have been great. I hated them at first because a lot of them didn't seem to relate whatsoever to the console- but once you realize it's all about the "jump in" mentality, they start to make sense.

My personal favs:
-The Gunfight. C'mon, you know that would be fun.
-J Allard PGR3.
-The water balloon fight, to "Teddybears have their picnic" or whatever.

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