Mass Effect 2 Boxart Revealed

EA and Bioware have released the final boxart for the space RPG epic continuation Mass Effect 2 which is set to launch early in 2010.

The final artwork features Shepard as he was shown at E3 - but he's now joined by two new characters - a Human and a Krogan - who have never been seen before. The Krogan picture is sadly not Mass Effect 1's Wrex.

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iHEARTboobs3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

Boxart looks cool. Game is going to be awesome. Only a matter of time before this new human chick succumbs to Shepards charm. haha

meepmoopmeep3061d ago

i want a male gay sex scene with male shepard and a krogan
or else this game fails!


Timesplitter143061d ago

exactly what I was thinking

chrisnick3061d ago

its kinda whack to be honest...still gonna play it, but they could've done a better job in making the cover transcend epicness.

Bnet3433061d ago

It looks better than the MGS4, Killzone 2, and L4D boxarts. XD

Abash3061d ago

I want Ashley Williams in this game :(

She is one of the best female characters ever created for a game.

meepmoopmeep3061d ago

i'm using a female shepard anyway so the cover doesn't match my character

glad i can move my profile to the new game. that rocks.

NewZealander3061d ago

between playing the first mass effect in preparation for the sequel, and reading fall of reach in preparation for halo reach and ODST i hardly have time for friends anymore:)

theres some great games on the horizon!

Aquanox3061d ago

EA's hand starts to become noticeable. Most random "action game" cover ever... for an RPG.

They clearly want to make this game look as something it isn't.

Fortunatelly, the game itself still looks amazing which is the most important thing.

Tony P3061d ago

"It looks better than the MGS4, Killzone 2, and L4D boxarts. XD"

Out of everything you mentioned, I think L4D had the best boxart.

I think ME2's cover is ok, not great, if such things matter.

Sanzee3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG Commander Shepard! Mass Effect 2, biggest fanboy ever here. That's me!

ZOMG to the power of 99,000,000,000 + tax!

No but for real, this looks awesome. I was waiting to pre-order from GameStop in a month or two, but this boxart just made me do it now! Sweet. Any bonuses with the preorders?

SaberEdge3061d ago

The box art isn't the greatest in my opinion, but who cares ..the game is going to rock. It might grow on me anyway.

pandabear3061d ago

No one else notice the lack of a 'Microsoft Exclusive' on the boxart???

Coming to PS3 - Confirmed!!!

RememberThe3573061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

But I'm good because I don't play box art. :)

@pandabear: There is only the "Only on Xbox 360" logo. there is not "Microsoft Exclusive" logo.

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Nelson M3061d ago

That Looks Surprisingly Crap

The_Beast3061d ago

its on xbox 360, evrything is crap on that sht they call a gaming platform

Shadow Man3061d ago

The game is f'n amazing, no ps3 game comes close to this except for mgs...maybe.

36T3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

What a surprise. The first people to post are PS3 fanboys. LOL
Nothing else better to do? No games to play? No bluray movies to watch? Too much lag on the PSN? Nothing to do in HOME?

You guys know damn well that ME2 will kick ass. It's unfortunate that you have to play stupid and look like idiots but you guys are quite amusing so please continue. A good laugh is always welcome

OmarJA3061d ago

I bet the PS3 version's cover will look much better when it comes with exclusive content.

Shadow Man3061d ago

I hope it come to the ps3 someday, but after we Bot are completely done with, we give you the leftover. I know how much you love leftovers.

lloyd_wonder3061d ago (Edited 3061d ago )

"The game is f'n amazing, no ps3 game comes close to this except for mgs...maybe."

Uncharted and Metal Gear Solid 4 are better, trust me. God of War 3 and Uncharted 2 will also be better than ME2. Maybe Heavy Rain. Face it... Sony's got the story driven games on lock.

ME1 was pretty bland

Major_Tom3061d ago

I also think it sucks and I'm a huge Mass Effect fan lol.

user39158003061d ago

An amazing art box, for an extraordinaire console.

What does the PS3 has that the xbox community don't have? Ok I will give you a week to come up with the answer.

Hint; millions of loosers.

The_Beast3061d ago

you danm idoit. ya im bored of my ps3 lmao!

psn lags? even though we get games like killzone 2 and resistence 2 at 32 and 60 players online with no lag. poor bot

the truth hurts and the truth is your getting ripped off

KILL-ALL-CURE3061d ago

Who else agrees with me that all xbox 360 fanboys need to go die horribly in a fire, but before that their skin is ripped off of them exposing bare flesh, whilst salt and 100 percent alchohol is being poured on them and at the same time getting raped by Bill Gates with his sharp needledick.

Honestly, they dont use Logic or reason, and all they revert to is MOAR SALEZ!!!!

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Dark_Vendetta3061d ago

If you think of the "only on Xbox" logo:
They won't put it on the PC cover.

If not: my bad

Vespertine3061d ago

No "Only on Xbox 360" logo.

And "Microsoft Game Studios" was replaced with "EA".

doshey3061d ago

that there is a Big ea logo

Marcelles253061d ago

Theres a big "2" on it DUHHHHHHHH


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MetalGearBear 3061d ago

can't wait on PC!!!!! (not RRODBOX)

The_Beast3061d ago

its exclusive.

oh wait.. ill get the pc version, THE BETTER ONE

MetalGearBear 3061d ago

Mass Effect 2 Boxart(PC version) is look good on black.

shutupandplay3061d ago

lol. on your rig right? haha. lulz. I`m just happy it`s not wasted on ps3.

-MD-3061d ago

"Gettin dis game on muh rigggggggg"

shutupandplay3061d ago

Murderdolls: Ahhhhh yeeeuuhhh itz on mah rig! costz wai moar than 360 but itz sill BETR!!!

JasonPC360PS3Wii3061d ago

Thanks for supporting Microsofts other platform, the PC :)

Droids are so stupid

The_Beast3061d ago

ya.. buying this game on pc suppports ms,...not relly once you buy the pc with pre insttaled windows, thats all the "supporting" youll do

Marcelles253060d ago

go look at the PC box art agian tell me if you notice Games For Windows on it because yoiur only supporting EA if you buy it

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Dark_Vendetta3061d ago

To be honest: I don't like it. I think the first game had a far better boxart. Well at the end it only counts how good the game is, and we all know it's gonna rock :)

Vespertine3061d ago

I agree. Mass Effects boxart was better.

dachiefsman3061d ago

yea, I am definitely buying this for what comes inside the box and not the outside.

II Necroplasm II3061d ago

it looks like an 80s action flick cover, which is cool.