MW2 vs. Halo 3 Showdown: Sticky Grenades

Sticky grenades have come in handy in Halo 3 over the years when playing against a team of Master Chiefs that like to hop around like rabbits. On the flipside though stickies (plasmas) have served as the Halo version of Call of Duty's "martyrdom" allowing people to get one off right before dying.

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Bnet3433305d ago

When I saw MW2's sticky grenade at the end of the multiplayer video, I scratched my head. How do you stick a frag on someone in real life? Unless their shirt is open and it lands inside lol? I vote for Halo 3's sticky. You can make it bounce off walls and stick people. It's nice.


the problem with Halos' sticky grendade is that nothing like that exists in real life whereas Semtex does actually exist, I vote Modern Warfare 2 for pure acuracy

DasBunker3305d ago

infamous sticky grenade owns both :P

LeReidy3305d ago

loooool Looking at your name i think you would still vote MW2 if they hadn't shown the sticky grenade. Halo 3 takes place in 2553.... How do you know these plasma grenades won't exist?

Xi3305d ago

purely for the ability for someone to sticky other grenades. I wish other games had that type of physics on their projectiles. What I wouldn't give to be able to snipe rockets in tf2 or have the sticky pipe-bombs stick to players.

deadreckoning6663305d ago

sticky grenades= more fun than regular long as they don'y stick ta walls