Halo 3: ODST Achievements

360 Sync writes: "About a month ago, a video leaked that showed the achievements for Halo 3: ODST. While we never got confirmation on whether the achievements were legit after the video was inevitably pulled, we now finally have an accurate list of achievements for the game.

We must warn you in advance that the achievements contain spoilers, and spotlight some surprises that the game will have. On the flip side, it also foreshadows what will be in the game, including weapons, upgrades, and the different levels. Take a look, let us know what you think!

Oh, one more thing! The game will have 47 achievements, for the usual 1000 achievement points..."

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borgome3279d ago

There she is boys, Game of the Year!

air13278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

you fvcked up by saying that..

get ready to lose a bubble, here is 1 from me though..

shutupandplay3278d ago

Please, that is offensive to all ps3 owners.

The BS Police3279d ago

There are 8 levels in the games campaign, not including the HUB Stages. So depending on if you don't rush through the game or you play it on Legendary, this could very well be just as long if not longer than Halo 3's campaign.

Blaze9293278d ago

yeah this should be sweet

RememberThe3573278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

Hold I'll try to find it.

Here we go:

Xi3278d ago

The fact the game provides an openworld experience tends to lengthen a game via both replayability and exploration.

Knowing bungie there will be a ton of hidden things to find in the game, including the 75 voice recorders.

To me the best part of the game is that it's open world with co-op, I can't wait to search the city with 4 friends.

cyclindk3278d ago

Seriously, when I worked for an after school program for the Y the special needs kids got little prizes and stuff called achievements for basically taking care of simple things themselves, washing/drying their hands after going to the restroom, swinging on their own on the swing, not being to messy during snack time, et cetera.

Whatever ever puts a smile on your face I guess!

Covenant3278d ago

Those Vidmaster achievements are interesting, and should offer some challenge.

Everything else looks pretty easy.

IQUITN4G3278d ago

This really does look beautifully mysterious and dark like how Halo1

I adore Halo3 but that didn't come straight away as it's an initially underwhelming game

Worth noting that out of the 9 H3 levels, most people don't tend to play the 2nd to last Cortana mission so it could be said that ODST's linear levels are likely the same length as what most people play now of H3's campaign.And of course the city part sounds like you could play it many different ways anyway over and over

cyclindk3278d ago

Darker looks way cooler to me, for Halo; when EVERYTHING is bright it gets a little numbing.

poopsack3278d ago

i actually prefer Halo 3's style a lot more than ODST's cause it feels like ODST looks like just about everything else in the market, but thats just me.

Xi3278d ago

I disagree.

In visor mode halo looks like nothing else on the market. It looks some some crazy mix up between ghost in the shell, lazertag and halo 3.

And that is awesome.

I hate games that try to be realistic, if I wanted realism from a game I'd go outside.

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