Valve Responds To Left 4 Dead Racism Charges

Randomly yelling "that's racist!' out of your car window is a fulfilling and provocative hobby, but when you post racism accusations in a public forum like the internetwebz, you have to expect a response and backlash. The latest that's-so-racist video game: Valve's upcoming Left 4 Dead 2.

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Pandamobile3344d ago

Holy crap!

I think I saw a black zombie in that mob of mixed ethnic minorities!


Chubear3344d ago

Nobody claims this game is racist. This is just crap people start up to bring attention to their causes, websites or up coming games and people just follow like sheep.

Please, show me this up roar with calling L4D 2 racist. Pure fabricated crap to help spur attention to a game.

RememberThe3573344d ago (Edited 3344d ago )

I am all for racial equality. But this is going to turn into a boy-who-cried-wolf thing.

It would be more racist if they left black zombies out of the game. Apparently, having every race represented equally is racist... Oh DR. King, where did we go wrong?

@Chubear: "Nobody claims this game is racist." ummm ===>

IdleLeeSiuLung3344d ago

Soon we can't star any races in a game or any location because it would be racist. Even when you put in an non-human or even a fictional race it would be considered racist since you didn't include other races.

The end of the world is coming soon and there will be no more creative work!!!

zagibu3344d ago

What? The first time black people are correctly represented in a game (brainless, ugly, running in mobs, hunting for human flesh), and someone shouts racism?

Just kidding, btw., I'm black myself.

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crystallakekiller3344d ago

this game is racist...i'm white and i've seen white zombies getting shot in the game.....valve are just a bunch a racist!! seen how dumb its sound when a white guy say this...well it sound exactly as dumb the other way around!! racist goes both ways!!! and this game is not racist at all!

Nitrowolf23344d ago

this isn't even racist, i'm sorry but if your playing a game with zombies wouldn't you expect all types of zombies?

Defectiv3_Detectiv33344d ago

This is all in response to one person's opinion, who was obviously misguided. People are overreacting and pretending like this one person's opinion is the general consensus.

In a way, these overreacting people are just as guilty, for blowing this topic out of proportion.

Yeah, the world might be too sensitive, and when thousands of people respond so emotionally, that only reinforces the fact.

Natsu X FairyTail3344d ago

sometime i think to myself ; Is it really African Americans/blacks who claim these games are racist?

because when I look @ the character cast two of the main Characters are black in this one so why would they be angry?

people who claim games are racist arent even aware of the story and background of the game etc etc.

im black by the way.

pixelsword3344d ago (Edited 3344d ago )

I agree with the writer (of the G4 article); although I myself consider Valve the LEAST RACIST and best of characterization, valve could have chosen a better scenario given recent events.

I wonder if they would get the same supporters if they made the scenario ground zero on 9/11/01, and the four people you play would all be Muslims? Two would be Americans, of course.

And for those who think that the 9/11 scenario isn't the best scenario either, I wonder if everyone would support the following scenarios equally?

What if they were border patrol guards and the zombies were Mexicans, although two were Latino-Americans?

Or two of four Brits killing Irish zombies? Or fifty percent of your group of gypsies killing Russian zombies?

Would making a time-warp version of L4D where it took place in a Jewish concentration camp in WWII Germany be considered racist, even if two of the characters were Jewish-Germans and the other two were White Germans? Of course the White Germans would have to be Nazis, because logically Nazis would be at the camps. Maybe the Nazis could order the two Jewish players around for the more dangerous parts, in keeping with logic.

Or how about WWII where you are American troops killing Japanese zombies? Or Japanese Troops killing Chinese and Corean zombies? (yes, I don't spell Corea with a 'K' because of my Corean friends).

Or how about if we go back even further and were in colonial days in India, and two of the four were Indians, and the other two British soldiers?

Or how about a little further back where the cast are settlers in the New World and the zombies were all Native Americans or Aztecs?

None of these are "bad" in terms of they are legitimate scenarios, but you kind of have to use common sense in dealing with the history behind the scenarios.

glennc3344d ago

these comments are usually made by non-gamers who have been fed inaccurate or partial (one-sided) info and then just run with it. just like the hookers and cops fiasco in GTA. they think the main premise for the game is to kill all the hookers and cops. killing cops is actually annoying to me because of the consequences of killing them can be a hassle, yet the media will ignore this point.

it's the media, what do you expect, completely out of control. journalism is not such a respectable job these days. journalists ignore anything that will counter their argument and produce one-sided BS that the public actually takes as gospel.

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