Wolfenstein Multiplayer Details: Eight Maps, Three Classes, Veil Powers, Unlocks

Developer Endrant Studios is working on the multiplayer component of Raven's Wolfenstein, and has now revealed all the details on what to expect when going online with the shooter.

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ASSASSYN 36o3340d ago

I would have been happy if they just kept veil power crap in the campaign. This just went to full rent status.

crystallakekiller3340d ago

sound boring to me...and only 8 maps?! no thanks

THC CELL3340d ago

if any of u was a wolfie fan back in the xbox days u would no that the only map most playable was beach

no one cared for any other maps
or maybe safe

crystallakekiller3340d ago

hmmmm...let me think.....yes i was,i've played return to castle multiplayer on PC alot!!!so i know what i'm talking about..unlike you! and for today's standard,8 maps is not enough!wont buy it for sure