DualShockers Review: The King of Fighters XII

DualShockers Writes:

"Anyone who is an avid fan of fighters will, undoubtedly, know the name The King of Fighters – one of the first fighting games to introduce 3-on-3 style matches. Unlike most traditional fighting games (such as Street Fighter), players are literally forced to learn the fighting styles, special moves, and supers, of more than just one character. And if you're one of those players that enjoy the challenge of learning the ins-and-outs of more than one fighter, you'd definitely have a blast with the older series (KOF 90 and KOF 2002 - which consisted of more than 40+ characters). Because of its extensive character list, the King of Fighters series usually required tons of commitment. Of course, this only applies to those of us who are serious players."

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