Console Monster: Tales of Vesperia Review

Console Monster writes: "Back in the days of the original Xbox, JRPG's were incredibly hard to come by, whilst the PS2 seemed to have an endless supply. Fast forward to today, and things have switched around, with the Xbox 360 getting lots of JRPG goodness as of late, with great titles such as Eternal Sonata and Blue Dragon. The most recent JRPG to grace the 360 comes in the form of Tales of Vesperia, the latest in the long line of Tales RPG's, and the series' first entry into Hi-Def.

One of the first things you will likely notice upon booting up Tales of Vesperia is just how pretty the game is, both in terms of art style and graphical prowess. The cel-shaded anime styling of the game is a joy to look at, and the different characters all look beautifully detailed and unique. The environments, whilst lacking some fine details, are still wonderfully envisioned, and really make exploring the world a joy as you encounter all manner of fantastic cities and ruins. Cutscenes using the in-game engine are also beautifully done, but I wasn't so keen on the pre-rendered anime cutscenes, as while they are very well drawn, they just didn't seem to fit in with game all that well. The only real downer to the graphics is the world map, which ends up looking horribly bland and boring, which is a real shame considering how nice the rest of the game looks. Seeing as you don't spend much time on the world map this isn't too much of a problem, especially when the areas where you will spend your time look as great as they do, especially the fight sequences..."

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