Nintendo finally feels the pain as Sony continues to flail

For much of the recent past, Nintendo has appeared to defy gravity, racking up sales despite the general slowing in consumer spending. Those happy days, however, appear to have come to an end. Sales across the company's product lines have plunged, taking the company's income with them. But, despite the economic challenges, Nintendo continues to operate profitably, something that can't be said for Sony, which faces the same conditions that Nintendo does, but announced another losing quarter today.

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Sanzee3343d ago

Everybody is struggling in this sh*tty economy.

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chrisnick3343d ago

nintendo is experiencing the inevitable, sony however, im not worried for. For those of you who remember this is the same thing that happened with the ps2. new disc type, new system, "high" price....until........

nycredude3343d ago

Yeah but there already news about MS selling pretty much the same as Sony in first quarter so how come it's Sony flailing. I guess MS is flail-proof huh?

cmrbe3343d ago

until it reached 199 and with all its major franchise out. PS3 will be no different when it reaches 199 and with all its major franchise out. Heck even J&D is still not out.

Its funny that the number are in and Sony sold 100k PS3 less than x360 at 200 more than the x360 and yet people praise MS preformance and Sony is a failure. Even with this SCEI still has PS2 and PSP and MS has Zune!! lol!

GiantEnemyCrab3343d ago

cmbre: Have they confirmed if that was sold or shipped numbers on that article?

Sibs3343d ago

Of course it was shipped, no company reports otherwise.

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interrergator3343d ago

omg this economy s*cks no time for fanboy bullcrap this is serious

gambare3343d ago

agreed, recently I read a report in our line of design that the next month at least 67 people will be fired from the California microsoft management office due a recession in microsoft software, they are doing it good with the hardware (game division) but not the software , something is happening in global terms, sony, microsoft, nintendo are getting hit hard and even the dev companies.

gambare3343d ago

I'm wondering if the ones who disagree are working on software production or they are just trolling

EvilTwin3343d ago

A recession, the gaming industry at a 9-year low, a relatively AAA-less spell of releases, the holidays months off and no price cuts in sight.

...yes, this is what happens in the middle of a crap storm.


Lost me long ago......rather I grew up but will always remember those NES days.They opened the door and I rushed in,saved me from making alot of tough decisions.Be 'one' of the guys and screw up royally or chill out with my real friends and beat contra......Thnx Nintendo=).
On topic.No one escapes this madhouse unscathed,it is unfortunate, divisive and unforgiving.Collectively,we are,WAY off course,drifting in a sea of uncertainty and confusion,however a safe port exists in any storm.So weathered and therefore learned.I don't like saying this but the Wii phenomenon may not weather the storm as well as originally thought.People have a fascination with failure(myself included) but as someone above said,fanboy nonsense aside time for thinking of reasons to come together instead of finding any excuse to divide.
N4G could and should lead the charge,be the exception not the rule.Disagreements are part of life,turning disagreements into siege machines is not.Either way,I my Guinness.As you were.

boss_killa3343d ago

nintendo lost me when they released the gamecube. this console had some good games but they were few and far between and i just lost interest in nintendo after that.


said it best,not just 'someone above' as I stated.
I agree interrergator,+bub.Why? because you said what needs to be said.

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