Gamervision: EyePet Eyes-on

"Though it is technically a "game", EyePet is more of an ongoing experience than something you just sit down and play until it is beaten. The PlayStation Eye displays your living room setting (or wherever you have your PS3) on the screen, and your new virtual pet roams around the reflected version of the room."

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ThatCanadianGuy3277d ago

Not my type of thing..

But, All the previews i've read and seen have all been rather positive about Eye-Pet.I'll be buying it day one just to try it out.

Raf1k13277d ago

It looks pretty cool from the video I've seen but this sort of stuff never really keeps you entertained for long.

Trollimite3277d ago

if it is im getting it! if it doesnt i might have to wait!
59.99 + 39.99 is abit too much!

thedukeofkna3277d ago

such a creepy little animal....

Solidsnakex233277d ago

that thing looks creepy like that stupid kid from that Natal "game"

IWentBrokeForGaming3277d ago

my PS3 and 360... in ages!

Although I like the creative things you can do with PS3's and the different effects filters are pretty sweet for sure...

I just feel the camera support for both consoles has been pathetic and has kind ticked me off of investing in both cameras...

I do want this title, it looks freaking awesome... I also hope this spawns more support for BOTH consoles cameras!

The complete lack of camera based titles for both consoles definatley has me extremely weary of the motion controls both are also shooting for, I really think it's going to be a bad investment... at least until Im proven wrong!

GiantEnemyCrab3277d ago

At least Sony has supported their camera with a hand full of games. The Vision camera on the 360 is a total bust! 1 game for it and there are a couple games where you can use it to capture your face.

The Vision camera is relegated to being just a web cam now and with Natal coming I think MS have all but scraped it.

siyrobbo3277d ago

the 360 vision cam is junk anyway, i tried it with you're in the movies and it was crap, not really good for anything but video chat

Madgunner3277d ago

ur in the movies.. i rather shop at shop right

San Frandisco3277d ago

day 1 purchase here... me and my sexy ladie friends will be enjoying this... maybe replace the thot of your chick wanting kids? or revers,make your chick WANT kids. lol. HO SNAP! 0.0

thedukeofkna3277d ago

what the hell are you talking about?

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The story is too old to be commented.