NowGamer: U-Wars Preview

A few issues back games took a look at Hydrophobia, the upcoming water-based action-adventure from newly formed studio Dark Energy Digital. Its focus is on allowing water to run free within the game's environments, utilising it as an element that can be advantageous to the player as a tool in their arsenal, or a destructive force that can easily overcome those that don't mind its power.

Hydrophobia isn't out until next year, but it's already shaping up to be something different at the very least; the utmost effort put into making each torrent of water or subtle ripple as convincing and lifelike as possible. U-Wars – a contraction that stands for the rather unimaginative Underwater Wars – is similarly making water its focal feature. However, while Dark Energy Digital has looked for new ways to make water a challenging game design element and complex puzzle-solving tool, Russian Studio Biart has done little other than use it as a flimsy excuse for originality.

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