Burn Zombie Burn! Gets Free Update

Kuju Entertainment and developer doublesix have announced today that PlayStation Network hit Burn Zombie Burn! is set to receive an update. Players will be able to incinerate zombies to their favourite music, thanks to a new custom-soundtrack option, while new video-capture and uploading capabilities make it easy for zombie-slayers to immortalize their finest moments and share them with friends.

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Biggunz3039d ago

Although Im horrible at this game, it's still great news they are still adding features to the game.

rockleex3039d ago

I just might get this game. ^_^

Shmotz3039d ago

Just what I wanted for this game! :D

slyjss3039d ago

As far as I know, this update came a few weeks ago, at least for the european version of the game. It also added a new "Press Start" image, with the subtitle "BZB: Space" saying "Coming Soon". Maybe this is the DLC to be announced.

ATLRoAcH3039d ago

For some reason it was delayed over a month for the US though. We just got it. The DLC sounds interesting. I hope it comes with new trophies. I also wish they would add online co-op.

madjedi3039d ago

@3.1 It's good to see the game getting new features, not to seem ungrateful, but i really could have settled for online co-op, the game is good at sucking your life away for 30 minutes - an hour or 2 at a time.

If you like some mindless zombies being sliced up and exploding hordes of zombies and watching the parts scatter, its great for any zombie slaying itch that needs to be scratched.

San Frandisco3039d ago

Online co-op for this game with be a killer.

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