360 only sold 0.1m more than PS3 in Q1 fiscal-2009

GZ: The Xbox 360 only sold 0.1 million more units than the PS3 during the first quarter of fiscal 2009-10.

Since all three platform holders have reported their financial statistics for the three month period ending June 30th, we can now get a better idea at how each of the company's consoles have performed - including full lifetime to date numbers,


[UPDATE] - There was a slight error with our PS3 lifetime to date shipped numbers, which we've now corrected.

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PirateThom3337d ago

If PS3 is doomed, so is 360. How are you going to spin this?

Johnny Rotten3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

.01 of a million is 100,000. Over 3 months that's 33,333 more units per month.

Hows that for a spin! lol

maybe now we can all get along and fight a WORTHY cause, like Activision jacking up the price of COD for peeps over seas!

mintaro3337d ago

I know!

The 360 is already ahead by 6 million units, and even if only by 0.1 its still growing!


3337d ago
ultimolu3337d ago

B-But...wait a minute.

I thought Sony was doomed to all eternity?

Anon19743337d ago

Last year, according to both Sony and Microsoft's official numbers the 360 was trailing the PS3 by over a million units worldwide in the first 6 months of 2008. Where were the "360 is doomed" articles? Where were the incessant calls for a 360 price cut? The PS3 trails this year by a fraction of that amount and still has moved almost 4 million more consoles than the 360 did in it's first 2 1/2 years on market, and we're supposed to buy all the doom and gloom, PS3 articles?
Does no one look at the bigger picture anymore?

darthv723337d ago

It doesnt matter if you win by an inch or a mile. Winning is winning.

Yeah, and the wii beats them both so the spin is moot.

StanLee3337d ago

What has been touted is the fact that year over year, the XBox 360 is the only console that has seen a growth in hardware sales. With the launch of another Halo title and Forza 3, look for another year end push from Microsoft. Sony needs to drop its price to not let Microsoft grab the momentum and have another strong second half of the year. Even with an amazing software lineup that included Killzone 2 and Infamous, the PS3 didn't manage to sell more consoles than the XBox 360 who had a barren first half of the year.

raztad3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )


That is true, but 100K units difference is not that big considering 200$ difference between both consoles. That is call in wars a "Pirric Victory", well at least is something in the lines in spanish :D

@StanLee above

Look at the global situation dude. 360 is the only growing console bacause two things:

1. First half last year was pretty bad for xbox360, and that was related to the second point
2. First half last year PS3 outsold easily xbox360
3. Wii sales have been slowing down, as expected, they were anomaly too high.

Megaton3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

It is pretty amusing. PS3 outsells the 360 all of 2008 until the 360 price cut... nothing. 360 outsells the PS3 for Q4, and ties in overall 2008 sales... DOOMED! YOUR PLAYSTATIONS ARE ALL DOOMED!

Now the PS3 has been doomed all year again because the 360 has sold 100k more units. If Sony is riding the doom train, they better save a seat for the 360.

This is why I typically stay away from any and all things related to sales at N4G. It's just the biggest waste of time and energy to care about this nonsense. I really pity the fools (Mr. T reference not intended) who argue over them month after month.

socomnick3337d ago

Say this story is true, that does not erase the 400+ million deficit sony is under this quarter alone. They need to sell software thats the problem, thats where they make the big bucks but nobody buys first party games so right now Sonys gaming division is in jeopardy.

SuperM3337d ago

Actually this is the first time 360 fanboys actually has a reason to celebrate the sales as in all previous years 360 has been outsold by the PS3. Now they actually outsold the PS3 for a quarter, congratulations!

To bad it wont last when the price cut comes.

Darkeyes3337d ago

Wow... At half the price... And only 100,000 more units... A price cut would seriously rape the 360 sales especially if it's GT5+PS3 slim.. LOL that would be like the second coming of Jesus Christ....

Anon19743337d ago

Sony's game division isn't in jeopardy, that's just nonsense. Sony's problems stem from the fact that they're a consumer electronics maker, we're in a recession and the yen has appreciated against the Euro and US dollar to the point that it's hard to make any profit when you're being paid in a currency that's been beat to hell. SCE revenue is a fraction of Sony's overall electronics business. Selling more software isn't going to turn things around - streamlining the business, a stronger US dollar and improved consumer spending is what will get Sony through this. The appreciation of the Yen alone has been nearly 25% vs the US dollar, and we're seeing this effect hit all the Japanese electronic makers.
Your contention that it's because of poor game sales is laughably ignorant.

3337d ago
N4g_null3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

The PS3 out sold the 360 right? Then why is Xbox 360 only selling 0.1 million more units than the PS3 during the first quarter of fiscal 2009-10.

That is like saying you are only getting beat a little bit now, when you have a deficit(ground to make up) and on top of that you where making a strong come back last year.

How is this a win for SONY when they where ahead last year? Then on top of this they claim there will be no price drop which was needed by MS to keep sales up.

On top of this MS has never won a generation and to be behind them is embracing period no matter when they came out. This is like the turbo grafx beating the genesis.

Hey but spin it how ever you want. The problem is the sales of both are falling pretty hard right now. I really don't see how you guys think this is good this is even not good for MS and they edged out a win this quarter and have the lead.

EDit @Nathan123 that is the point these platforms are preforming almost exactly the same as each other and if you are cheering for lower MS sells then you have to realize that the PS3 is not far behind. I'm not a PS3 or MS fanboy yet I love the PC and the same thing has happened to that market.

If you put them side by side yes the PS3 got off to a strong start and maybe be selling better over all but that is not the case from these current numbers so just like how many people though the sales will mimic the console that it is most like. MS even had the same price problem and they fixed it... SONY is not immune to this yet they are more popular. If the recession had not hit so hard maybe the PS3 would be 2nd. I mean really these are the facts not some fanboy mess.

So as a fan of HD gaming what should be done? Do you guys think this is ok to publishers? Is the current user base big enough for huge productions? I don't think any of you work at a pub but think about it. Is this sustainable. No one cares who wins the console war but do we really want to loose SONy or MS simply because sales slow way down?

Nathan1233337d ago

If PS3 is going to doomsville, then looks like 360 is coming with it.
Wow... I swear I heard Murderdolls, Omega all bragging that the 360 might have sold more than 1-2 million this quarter.... Might meet them in the open zone...

Hey Activision you reading?

OnlyOnN4G3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

Its good to see the competition so evenly matched, it just means each company will have to pull out all the stops to outdo the other in games and services in quality and pricing, so in the end it'll be us that win, the gamers

poopsack3337d ago

wonder why this thread doesnt have 400 comments yet.. like a certain other one.

N4PS3G3337d ago

People here are so dumb. Xbox 360 shipped 0.1m more consoles than sony in q1 09.

DevastationEve3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

In what region though, what were the figures broken down into regions, and what growth/decline per region?

Off topic, that pic in the article looks so geometrically it a metaphor?

Greywulf3337d ago

The only "spin" from n4g comes from 360 trolls pretending its doomsville for Sony, every day. See the expected quarter results articles. See Socomnick right now.

Every day 360 loyalists are pretending the PS3 is doomed. Whatever the reason is that bloodmask conjures up that day. Then when its clearly not the case, it turns into "spin" by sony loyalists pointing out that its not the case, or that the tides have turned for MS in the way that was called out for Sony earlier in the week/month. Which always gets the cries of "double standards" etc. Case is this, if MS/360/Bloodmaskinatics didn't cheer at every stumble of sony, no one would be pointing out the same stumbles for microsoft, this is a 100% one sided argument here. Sony is doomed, period.

Sony Loyalists aren't calling for the destruction of the 360, and all things Microsoft related, unlike the quarter resutls thread where you have people saying they will be happy to see sony crash and burn. These are gamers right? Sure, there are the charicature sony boys like naism and others. They are the extreemist fanboys that will go down with the titanic no matter what, the people mostly restricted to the openzone.

And even more hilarious, for the same reason bloodmask pretends the 360 is going to destroy the PS3, the Wii destroys both consoles-- yet is ignored by the 360 loyalists in lieu of the belief that a year head start is all thats needed to win a console gen being a distant #2(i know it makes no sense, but think about who we are talking about)

II Necroplasm II3337d ago

I think every product on the market is selling less than what it would have
between 5 and 10 years ago.

Death3337d ago

I wouldn't say Sony is doomed, buy they are working on 4 years of losses in their games division. They are also bleeding market share at a very unhealthy rate. Are they still selling close to Xbox 360 numbers? Yeah, but it's highly unlikely their goal. You do not go back to back 100+ million console sales to fall into third place behind a distant competitor. Sony needs desperately to be profitable. Selling 100,000 less consoles and the software that goes with with it is not a step in the right direction.

To put .1 million into perspective, that is 40 million dollars in hardware sales alone not including software, accessories, and PSN downloads.


3337d ago
Rampant3337d ago

During the holiday months, that's 1 million per quarter.

v1c1ous3337d ago

Thus Microsoft SHIPPED 0.1M more 360s than Sony SHIPPED PS3s.


Lifendz3337d ago

or flat out ignored by the people that claim Sony is doomed and the podcasts that constantly yell the end is neigh for Sony.

The bad articles usually come in threes. Then one person decides to write something to counter them. Just another day at N4G

JaggedSac3337d ago

This isn't indicative of how many boxes customers are buying. Someone could be stuffing the channel. Or someone could have had too many already in the channel and didn't need to ship as much.

specialguest3337d ago

So many comments/arguements to agree and disagree with. I think I'll go with DarkRide66 1.13 comment. It just sounds like he knows what he's talking about.

IzKyD13313337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

"the Nintendo Wii sold 2.23 million units WORLDWIDE**, with the Xbox 360 behind at 1.2 million and the PlayStation 3 at 1.1 million."

**This word doesn't exist to Xbox 360 owners, there is ONLY the United States!

Syronicus3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

Microsoft reports shipped. That way MS can claim any channel stuffing as numbers "sold". This is an old MS trick so to be honest, the .1 million is nothing to even speak of. And to those who disagree, prove me wrong.

darthv723337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

Shipped and sold to retailers is pretty much the same thing. You figure as a retailer (gamestop, wal-mart, toys r us) you are in essence purchasing consoles to be sold to customers. Therefore selling to retailers and shipping to retailers would be considered the same just in different wording. You cant ship something to a retailer without it being sold to them in the first place.

If we are talking consumers then it is a different story.

Oh, and I didnt disagree with you.

Syronicus3337d ago

In business we have a thing called channel stuffing. In order to do that you need to over ship to retailers and/or ship to a warehouse owned by a third party. In other words, a company can stuff a channel by over supplying in preparation for the holiday or for reasons of posting up higher numbers in a financial report. MS has done it before, just take a look at when the 360 was first being sold.

Lfmesquite3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

the gap will only get bigger this Holiday. PS3 is in desperate need of a price drop. And with Sony posting loses as a company, things do not look good for PS3 at all.

The problem is the same, PS3 is just an overpriced 360 clone, the only difference is a few first party games, great games but probably underselling.

If PS3 doesn't take major changes that will allow for price drops, they might have to pull the plug. Microsoft is already turning more heads for the future also with Project Natal. So now PS3's longevity plan is also in jeopardy in my view, it always was. Believing you're gonna outlast the competition by getting outperformed in sales every month is not the right mindset.

TheTwelve3336d ago

Now, you can take all the words that haters used against Sony in the loss article and apply it to Microsoft as well. That is, if people want to be fair.


3336d ago
N4g_null3336d ago

Greywulf no one is being obtuse... They are both in the same boat which is my point. If that is true then they are both sinking while the other actually has enough money to get on the next money train SONY does not.

I'm not a MS fanboy and actually I wanted just like every one else in the industry to see a PS3 that gives nintendo a run for their money again.

Another thing is what does it matter if xbox 360 gamers put down your system? It is just talk is it not? Some stuff may be true but what is true is the damage is done and this can be survived and turned on MS yet SONY is going to have to dig deep and have great timing.

It would suck to see another company pull support from gaming and such a thing could actually hurt gaming. It already has as many companies have had to lay off and shut down because of bad moves and the xbox 360 has not done too much to help the situation.

Rampant3336d ago

I thought the ps3 was going to overtake the 360? We've been hearing that since the beginning. The goals have been derived to "We're gonna sell just a little bit worse than the 360" now? Goal met!!!

cmrbe3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

PROD. There should be more working PS3 than x360 out this particular 1/4.

@Stanlee. The only reason why the x360 had a better year over compare to 2008 is because MS had a really bad first 6 months in 2008. Remember also that the x360 in 2009 is 100 cheaper than in 2008 first 10 months. Compare this to the PS3 the PS3 is still $400 the same as last year without MGS4 and with a bad recession.

Natsu X FairyTail3336d ago

[UPDATE] - There was a slight error with our PS3 lifetime to date shipped numbers, which we've now corrected.

GameForFame3336d ago

Considering the userbase for the 360 is larger but is only half the price - not sure if I think outselling the PS3 (even if it is a .1m difference) is even that big of a deal. But hey, when ya need to throw sh*t, grab whatever is lying around. =/

pumpkinpunker3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

these are shipped numbers not sold numbers.

People are saying the PS3 is doomed because Sony's gaming division is losing money over the last two quarters.

N4g_null3336d ago

Seriously though any one trumpeting the whole "well the PS3 cost more so that is why I think it is doing better" needs to stop. Just because you think or want to believe it is doing better does not mean that is the truth. Opinion is thrown out when you look at what is happening. Sony just restructured them selves and they have to lay off 16,000 more employees.

No one is wishing them to do this badly and actually it is quite impressive that they are still afloat yet we will not see the effects of this gen till next gen when it is time to spend for R&D again and actualy release a new console.

Will SONY fold thankfully I hope no just because they have the electronics side and I do love me some sony electronics it would suck to see them go. Really though this type of news has a real weird effect on gaming and devs.

I guess we will see how things turn out. It is a rough place to be and even though the SONY Defense force and their many account gave me plenty of disagrees and bubble pops I'm glad you guys are sticking to the PS3 unlike the sega gamers that ran out on the dreamcast. Yet it worries me if sony's next console will be a dreamcast? Plus I do not care about bubble too much, like most of you it is pretty easy to make another account.

I'm sure N4G would much rather you guys to discuss these topics rather than fight.

mynd3336d ago

I can think of 500 million reasons why the PS3 is more doomed than the 360.

Good god, the PS3 isnt doomed becasue of sales. Maybe you all need to learn what a "loss" is.

GameForFame3336d ago

Yes, but will ultimately be sold units.
So yes, it is telling, if not immediately - eventually.
As guy says above, price difference and what not even tho the userbase is larger - it's still not massive. Then again, let us think about how many people are just buying a new system because they keep going through the RROD issue. I know more than a few people who have had multiple system failures with their 360's and it got to the point where they thought purchasing a newer unit would somehow fix this issue. Alas, hilariously, it has not. But hey, eventually the sheep learn, or not - depends. There will always be the sheep and the free thinking sheep - in the end most of them get had though. =|

commodore643336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

Hmmm.... well apart from the obvious fanboy headline, the gist of the article was:

- 360 ahead by 8 million, confirmed.
- 360 outsold ps3 by 33333 units every month last quarter, the worst quarter for the year.
- Before that, 360 outsold ps3 by much more.

How is this good news for the ps3, which ironically is still selling at a loss and also contributed to Sony's $390 million loss?

The_Beast3336d ago

Well you see, you pay less then what you get for ps3, thats why sony loses money it.

2nd of all there is a 200$ price diffrence.... does that make sence?

cmrbe3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

at the clueless people in here.

After all the crap about PS3 doom, x360 winning over this gen, x360 wining in NA, x60 the new PS, x360 the it console. In the end x360 only outsold the PS3 buy only100k console this 1/4 at half the price of the PS3.

Don't you guys find that ironic?.x360 has peaked and even at its peak they still can't put the PS3 away which is still far from its peak.

mynd3336d ago

No, What I find Ironic, is that you belive loosing 400 million is somewhow a moral victory because you nearly lost more, I mean sold more than your compeititor.

One of these divisions made money. I dont think it really cares how many units it sold to do it.

cmrbe3336d ago

When everyone was saying that the PS3 is doom because it got outsold by the x360 by huge numbers?.

indysurfn3336d ago

So basically you took the only quarter that people dont buy game consoles that much and say we are even? What about 4th quarter when Microsoft sold nearly 4 million and Sony barely 1 million. This is a conniving story only bought by ignorant people.

All-33336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

Well... the PlayStation brand was supposed to be the more popular brand - especially considering the history of the PlayStation platform vs the Xbox platform - yes?

And there's so many here that claim the 360 is MORE expensive than the PS3... so pricing can't be any advantage for the 360.

Also - the Xbox brand basically doesn't have the Japanese market - but the PlayStation brand does. So the 360 only has large sales in two of the three largest world markets vs three for three that the PS3 sells in.

The PS3 is also more reliable than the 360 historically.

The PS3 is also more technologically advanced...

Apparently the PS3 has more and better true exclusives as well vs the 360...

So for the 360 to be outselling the PS3 with all the advantages that the PS3 has over it... regardless of how small that number may be is still quite astonishing.

Kilroy3336d ago

First of all the 360 out sold the PS3 in January by 100,000 units in just that month. How on earth is it possible that the PS3 is behind by only 100,000 units. To put it simply, it isn't. In fact after the first 4 months of 2009 the 360 is actualy ahead by about 400,000 units. In others words the 360 is at 1.2m and the ps3 is at .8. That is a much smaller number.

If you think I'm just anohter stupid fanboy check this site out under YTD (Year to date) to see how many units they both actualy sold.

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TheHater3337d ago

$200 dollars less and only outsold it by .1 million? That is pretty said to say the least.

3337d ago
TheHater3337d ago

That still $100 less that the LOWEST model PS3. And how exactly is that spinning? You have a $200 price advantage on your competitor and yet you can only sell 100K more in 4 months?

Wizeguy213337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

It's not that they are spinning it Negatively for xbox its just that Everyone is tired of hearing Ps3 is going under/dying/failing(and so forth) And when information comes out, and we see we are toe to toe for the quarter. They try to to say xbox is going down with ps3 as a way to show that they are both in the same boat for now.

greatjimbo783337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

I'm confused when did we here in the UK start using the dollar?. Are my pound coins and my notes now invalid?, they must be because you two are talking $100-$200 less or more(depending on your view), when I thought these were world wide figures.

RememberThe3573337d ago

Hey smart guy, there is no united world currency so all we have is our native currancy. Besides the large minority of this site is from the US anyway. users come from these countries:

* 47.3% United States
* 8.6% United Kingdom
* 4.4% Canada
* 3.2% Australia
* 3.1% India

* 2.8% Germany
* 2.1% Saudi Arabia
* 1.9% Pakistan
* 1.7% Iran
* 1.7% Italy
* 1.5% Turkey
* 1.4% Austria
* 1.3% Nepal
* 1.3% South Africa
* 1.1% China
* 1.1% Greece
* 1.1% Indonesia
* 1.0% Denmark
* 0.8% Spain
* 0.7% Ireland
* 0.7% Netherlands
* 0.7% Mexico
* 0.6% Japan
* 0.5% Sweden
* 9.2% OTHER

greatjimbo783337d ago

Thanks for the smart guy comment, and also thanks for clearing that up for me, as I might not have guessed that by myself. That means it's all okay then and it must not be better to use percentages instead(as these are worldwide figures). I bow down to your skills of stating the obvious.

RememberThe3573337d ago

Why the hell would you need some one to put that into percentage for you?

That and the price difference is obviously not exactly the same around the world as it is in the US. There cannot be a percentage difference in over all price unless to calculate the mean of all prices for each region for both consoles and weight them against each other. No one here is going to do that for you...

Besides the price difference between the 60Gb 360 and the 80Gb PS3, in the UK, is ruffly 130 pounds which is about 200$. More then even here in the states.

IrishRepublicanArmy3336d ago

im sure there is a higher % of irish on this site. its more lyk 93% :)

RememberThe3573336d ago

For all I know, you could be right. lol I just invalidated my own comment.

misterssippi3336d ago

Actually, from Jan 09-Jun 09 the Xbox 360 has sold approximately 500,900 more units than PS3.

What they don't tell you is that in Q1 2009 (Apr-Jun 09) PS2 outsold PS3 by 19,000 units (441,7000 PS2's to 422,700 PS3's) LMFAO!!! Check the NPD numbers, no joke.

jmoneezie3336d ago

First off, this was suppose to be the "Year of the PS3" as was 2008. So with that being said, why is the 360 outselling it by anything. I mean, all the great exclusives, blah, blah, blah and all. Why are you guys trying to spin this to say the 360 isn't doing as well as people thought when you all tauted this year to be the year the PS3 kicked pure @$$?

So funny how people can look at things differently to support their own points.

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Baliw3337d ago

Would love to see numbers after Demon's souls, WKC, etc.. get released.

militant073337d ago

its getting too old.


NaiNaiNai3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

killzone 2 1 million pre-orders.

sold 700k in 2 weeks. T_T

just wait. just wait. just wait....heck even the so called AA titles for the 360 like fable 2, halo 3 blah blah blah as you sony fans say sell more then those amazing games like MGS4, Killzone 2, LBP....Next comes MGS rising, your gona say its going to suck but it will sell more then MGS 4 has. XD

*its the ps3 owners who are saying the games going to suck, because its on the 360. if it beats the mighty MGS4,

4pocalyps33337d ago

im actually waiting for it to sell want to know why? because mgs4 was only available on the ps3 whereas rising is going to be available on both the ps3 and 360....dumbass

shadow27973337d ago

Well first of all, those aren't system sellers. The only true system sellers the PS3 has in its future are GT5 and Final Fantasy XIII (and Versus, maybe).

But you're crazy if you don't think MGS4 moved consoles. And MGS4 has sold pretty darn well, but you bragging that a multiplatform incarnation of the MGS series is going to sell more than a console exclusive MGS game is kinda sad. Of course it is, it's multiplatform.

Killzone 2 was never going to move consoles, just like Halo 3 didn't move consoles. The same for all the other new IPs the PS3 has, because no one has heard of them. But that doesn't mean they aren't good games. Anyone who thought those games would move units were living in a fantasy world. But I prefer the new IPs over the regurgitated franchises of the last three generations. Maybe that's just me.

raztad3336d ago

LOL. LOL, I love this place and "teh warz" going on here :D. It give me countless hours of good fun :D


"wait for MGS4,LBP,KILLZONE 2,INFAMOUS" <---One of the most fun comments today.

First of all, that is a TOP QUALITY list of games dude. I'm happy PS3 owner because of them. While I have been playing those amazing games, I cant help but notice 360 fans yelling "wait wait for E3". After E3, "wait wait for Conviction, AW and Natal". I think you are the ones waiting. Waiting for good exclusives to play, waiting for the monthly NPD report and waiting for Sony quarterly financial figures.

Second, dont forget that MGS4 was one of the reason you got a 200$ arcade model. I'm sure MS preferred not to cut the 360 price down but they feel forced to do it, just to "beat" Sony. However, the 400$ behemoth is giving a good fight worldwide. I dont want to imagine what will happen when PS3 gets a price cut, or when FFXIII gets released in Japan. Interesting times ahead.

Sheikh Yerbouti3336d ago

on MGS4 and my opinions/expectations of Sony and Microsoft.