Square Enix: Final Fantasy XIII influenced by Call Of Duty

Given all the recent talk coming out of Capcom and Square Enix regarding globalisation, you'd think the latest installment of the Final Fantasy series might have taken on-board further influence from the recent wave of successful Western RPGs, such as Mass Effect and Fallout 3. Well, FFXIII has been inspired by some Western titles but probably not the ones you would think…

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meepmoopmeep3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )



Myst3340d ago

Lol I seriously got a laugh out of that


Though on a serious note: What..? I'm guessing (and hoping!) they are talking about guns for 13...

Sonyslave33340d ago

WTF i can see it now Final fantasty 15 Mordern Warfare.

NaiNaiNai3340d ago

no no...

Final Fantasy 15: The MOG wars

zack613340d ago

that's wierd but okay