PC players: No Hardened Edition of Modern Warfare 2 for you either

Well get ready for some bad news, the Hardened Edition won't be made available to PC players either, at least according to Infinity Ward's community mananger Robert Bowling.

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mrv3213344d ago

Well... that sucks for PC owners who wanted it... but this is for ALL PC owners

A great place to share files, mainly opensource so if you decide not to buy the game and vote with your wallet you can allways use

to get free opensource softwere and opensource games.

Just a suggestion.

I have no used any of the websites so I personally cannot guarantee safety and virus free.

wwedx3344d ago

This game is going to be pirated like CRAZY because of that what was IW thinking?

Greywulf3344d ago

Everyone who has a gaming PC, knows that they have a simple choice at time of game play. Buy or Download. Unlike 360 piracy, PC piracy has no real modifications of anything to run, and most rips have exe's or keygens.

So people that bought your PC game really wanted to support IW & their PC version when we bought the game. We wanted to show IW support financially and morally.

I'm going to enjoy downloading this game. I said it before, but I want to contribute to the most pirated game in the history of mankind.

silent h3ro3344d ago (Edited 3344d ago )

LOL no I don't think so. Everyone that pirates the game is going to have a great time playing multiplayer with themselves because they don't have a unique CD key. I don't think THAT many people care about limited edition content that always ends up in your closet/ trash after a month or two.

pwnzter3344d ago

Thanks for the D!ck move IW. Not only will you not get any money form PC owners, but they will in fact still get your product :D. all hail thepiratebay

Major_Tom3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

You think I need a unique serial identification code to play online? Dude that's so PC gaming in the 90's.

There's private servers and some legitimate cd-key activators work until they get blacklisted. Alot of people on CoD4 who downloaded the game illegally are still playing online.

TheAntiFanboy3343d ago

The title AND description says "either" as if there are several platforms that aren't getting the Hardened Edition.

I think someone needs to learn how to submit their articles to N4G.

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Pandamobile3344d ago

Wow, way to go Infinity Ward / Activision.

This game better be on Steam for preorder otherwise I'm not buying it. I hate when companies forget their roots and only cater to the fricking consoles.

Actually, I don't really care. The only special edition of a game I ever got was Crysis because it was the same price as the regular version.

DeadGirls3344d ago

I will only buy it if it is on STEAM and if it is less than $50. I don't have any problem with them not releasing the special edition for PC, the player base is older and most of us don't want any of that goofy junk anyway.


I don't even know if i would call it catering for the consoles, they are just ripping us off. They know the average console gamers is not as hardcore as the pc gamer. As such they are more likely to pay the extortionate asking price for their crap.

its going to be a great game i have no doubt in my mind... but what they are asking for it is beyond reason and the only reason they will get away with it is because most console gamers just don't care or don't see how they can make any difference in the matter.

Activision seem to be trying really hard this year to screw us all over...and over again if they can.

RememberThe3573344d ago

I really hate Activition... They just keep pissing me off. I'm not even a PC gamer.

You know what? F*ck it, I'll pick up MF2 used. I'll still be playing Uncharted 2 when it drops anyway. I'd really rather have GameCrazy have my money then Activition.

593344d ago

This is war. Im feeling the call of duty. I hope they get screwed hard.

Kushan3344d ago

The really stupid thing is that special editions are about all that's left to "fight" piracy on the PC.

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