MAG Beta is "internal only"

A multiplayer beta for Sony's 256-player online shooter, MAG: Massive Action Game, is currently under way, but you're not invited.

Reports of a "MAG Beta" showing up on people's now-playing status on PSN are cropping up, reported to be the profiles of Sony employees.

Sony confirmed to CVG that it is indeed a "closed Beta" for "internal staff only", so you've got no chance of getting on it yourself. But it could be a sign that the expected public beta test will be with us sooner rather than later?

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ddurand13186d ago

wasnt this news 2 days ago when Yaster (if i remember correctly) was playing MAG beta?

interrergator3186d ago

hmm is it delayed or hasnt been official yet

mastiffchild3186d ago

It was reported that it had been put back to Q1 2010 but Sony immediately denied that it really was, IIRC.

IDK if they changed since then and put it back to 2010 but as I'm relying on it for a new FPS this autumn as I refuse to pay the price Acti(and won't even import at normal price from the US unless Infinity Ward distance themselves fom Activisions evil stance in the EU) are asking in the UK for MW2 I'll be upset if they do!

OT-I don't see how this is still news. Had the actual public Beta began there are plenty of folk on N4G who would have expected an invite(possibly even me!)by now. So, it's obviously still closed atm.

Dead_Cell3185d ago

At the graphics on MAG,to say how many people are fragging the crap out of each other in each level.