Gamasutra: An Interview with Intel's Mike Burrows

In this Intel-sponsored feature, part of the Visual Computing website, the company's Mike Burrows, who is Senior Graphics Software Architect Manager for the Larrabee creator, talks about the upcoming chipset and its relevance for video games.

Developing new computing hardware requires both an understanding of current industry trends as well as a longer-term view of where technology is going. Mike Burrows, Senior Graphics Software Architect Manager for Intel, has his sights on the far-reaching strategic view, determining how upcoming technologies like Larrabee can help take developers into the future.

Prior to his role at Intel, Mike spent a decade at Microsoft where he worked with game developers to fully exploit DirectX and participated in the earliest stages of the project that eventually became the Xbox. He also co-founded Microsoft's graphics advisory board, which includes top-tier studios like Blizzard, id, and Epic.

Today Mike continues working with those and other notable creators for Intel, where he serves as a liaison between third-party game developers and Intel's own visual computing group. The editors of Gamasutra spoke with him about how Larrabee will introduce new development possibilities, how the relationship of game design and graphics could change with upcoming visual computing trends, and about his decision to make a career change.

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