NowGamer: Resonance of Fate Preview

With Star Ocean: The Last Hope and Infinite Discovery sitting on shop shelves, tri-Ace has proved its ability to comfortably transition from one generation to the next while also marking itself out as a robust JRPG developer. The two 360 titles may not have received quite the critical reception tri-Ace hoped for, but they nevertheless established the company as one willing to experiment with new creative endeavours.

This sentiment is now more apparent than ever, with tri-Ace embarking on what is arguably its biggest undertaking yet: its second new IP in as many years and also its most ambitious to date. With the Star Ocean saga concluded it's time for tri-Ace to find its next big success, and it could very well come in the form of Resonance Of Fate.

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Lifewish3340d ago

game is sounded pretty cool indeed!!