ONM: No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle Preview

When the legendary creator of No More Heroes, Suda 51, revealed that the sequel to No More Heroes would be called Desperate Struggle ONM had the feeling that he was making a DS game and using the old 'DS subtitle' trick. You know, as in Advance Wars: Dual Strike, Resident Evil: Deadly Silence and Mr Driller: Drill Spirits. It turns out that was just a coincidence - Desperate Struggle is very much a Wii game and it's on course for a release early next year.

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EvilTwin3344d ago

NMH may not have been GOTY-caliber to the editors at IGN or Gamepro, but it was IMO. That makes NMH2 a potential AAA title and first-day buy for me. We know the bosses will be badass, and hopefully Suda gets a better sandbox set up.

That said...I'm not following how Travis would've fallen down the assassin rankings. Wasn't the UAA just a con set up by Sylvia?