Capcom: Porting Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Wasn't Easy

"Suffice to say, the only thing easy about porting is that you know what should be coming out the other side when you're done," said Christian Svensson, Vice President of Business Development.

"Suffice to say, we're taking what was Naomi/Dreamcast code that has been output in a way that 360 and PS3 can interpret it and making a whole lot of changes to it on the fly.

We have to add a new front end to account for all of the TRCs/TCRs that MS and Sony have with regard to interface standardization and features like trophies/achievements. We have to include new settings and options and online menu support. We had to plug in matching and lobby systems that never existed and that work with PSN and XBL. We had to optimize net code for a game that was never meant to support it (and that is VERY fast paced which makes it that much more difficult).

At the same time, we're doing real-time sprite filtering of everything on screen. Rendering all of the 3D assets in resolutions far higher than they were intended and implimenting widescreen support (again, something the original code was never meant to do). "

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