LEGO MMO will break generational divide

Robert Purchese from Eurogamer writes:

"NetDevil believes MMO LEGO Universe can break apart the generational divide that exists between technologically adept children and their Neanderthal parents.

"I talk a lot about the visual divide between generations, and I feel it quite acutely between say my mother and my son," Ryan Seabury, creative director of LEGO Universe, told Eurogamer."

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Ocelot5253154d ago

another game for the crappy MMO list

proArchy3154d ago

I like the intention of the idea, but all I think about when I hear "break the generational divide" in the context of MMOs is creepy pedos talking to my son. I'm not down with that

Ocelot5253154d ago

give kids a wii and let the grownups(16+) play PS3/360/PC. Cuz they tend to ruin online matches, and it's not healthy for kids being 'addicted' to a mmo.

TheBand1t3154d ago

Everything I learned about tech I learned from my father.

Then again, he's Navy. Hell, he's seen the inner workings of the AEGIS system.