Leaked XBOX Live Preview Update Works on Live

JPS Reports: "After the leaked XBOX Live Preview Update was released in a lot of sites yesterday, a lot of people are reporting that the update works even though you are not picked to participate in the program.

To confirm this news, I have updated one of my XBOX 360 that wasn't invited by the Live Preview Program and alas! it worked! I have successfully connected to the XBOX Live without getting invited on my other XBOX 360. If you are one of the people who can not wait to do a movie party on Netflix or check out the marketplace, download the update now:"

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IdleLeeSiuLung3278d ago

Why you can't wait 2 weeks and risk this is beyond me....

I got into the preview program and although there were some nice additions, nothing worth risking warranty over.

NaiNaiNai3278d ago

I signed up for the first NXE and didn't get it till the last week of it. >.> but I already installed the leaked version. truth be told, being able to play installed games was worth the 1 week ban to me. XD

JhawkFootball063277d ago

Sucks for the people who were actually selected :/ like me

darthv723278d ago

I signed up for the beta but never received an official "invite" from MS. I turned on my 360 last night to watch some netflix and it prompted me about an update. Took several minutes to update and then reboot. I went to the netflix and there was another update and then I was able to see ALL content on netflix instead of just my instant queue.

Maybe everybody who signed up got in regardless of invite email?

GiantEnemyCrab3277d ago

Same thing happened to me but you still applied and were selected. They didn't just give it to everyone because I know folks who signed up and did not receive it.

MS was very clear this time to not hook your preview up to another 360. Not like last time where they said if you do you won't be able to get on Live they simply said DO NOT DO IT.

Hopefully because they will be cracking down on these sneak thieves.

3277d ago
Veneno3277d ago

because my POS 360 RROD'd on me today and I'm out of warranty. Thanks, Microsoft!

glennc3277d ago

i feel sorry for you, can't believe another imaginary 360 has ringed. at least you have your real PS3 to play.

Veneno3276d ago

I really really really wish I was lying and I didn't have a 360 that I put hundreds of dollars into and now is completely worthless. Money down the fcking drain. I don't joke about that stuff. If you think this problem that microsoft created isn't real, then you my friend must love getting it up the buns-hole.

GiantEnemyCrab3277d ago

MS is far too lenient. They need to ban these people, it's clear they have broken the rules so why not enforce them?

Spoiled brats who feel they are entitled to everything.

Someone was saying Major did say in the preview forums that they will be going after folks who got the leaked version this time. They have all the console ID's recorded for who should have it.

I hope they lay the hammer down. You break the TOS you should be gone.

Professor Chaos3277d ago

The update is free. Why should they go after someone because they took something that was free. Its like that spongebob eps where they took a balloon and then freaked cuz they stole only to find out it was free balloon day. Go after the people that have modded consoles not the people that wanted a sneak peek at a FREE update.

GiantEnemyCrab3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

If MS wanted everyone to have it then they would of released it. Again, this is MS's software and people aren't entitled to it even if it is free.

I'm sure they want to control the amount of people who have it and then if problems arise or changes need to be made it will impact only those authorize to test the software.

The difference between your Sponge Bob analogy is that this isn't free balloon day or free dashboard day. They acquired it illegally and they are not authorized to use it. All I can see this doing is MS will just stop these previews because these hack f*cks ruin it for everyone.

I agree with you though that modders and gamerscore hackers deserve the same fate.

Professor Chaos3277d ago

I am understanding where you are coming from, but you cant really expect a big company to get upset becasue someone leaked a free patch. That kinda thing happens all the time. Microsoft's Service Packs for windows get leaked ALL the time. I also one think one thing you might be missing is that a lot of times it is the company who leaks this stuff for one reason or another.

But again I understand what you saying, sure they wanna control it but in this age of internetz and piracy maybe they should have done a better job of protecting it. If they were that worried about it they would have learned from what happend with the NXE. I honestly dont think they care. Cuz you know its free... and they have bigger problems with Windows 7 being cracked 2 months before it comes out.

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