New Tropico 3 Interview + Exclusive Interface Screenshots and Artwork

"UGDB: What other new features we are going to see in Tropico 3?

HG:Another new feature is the "Election speech", inspired of actual speeches of real world dictators. You can address problems, make promises, and brag about your achievements during the last mandate. It's your call. As you expect, these speeches are not just for flavor, but will have consequences to the gameplay and especially the election results.

One completely new feature is the secret police. It's perfect for every player who likes to play dirty. The secret police can make anyone disappear without a trace if he opposes your regime. Of course every decision is sanctioned by El Presidente himself. You choose whether to use such nasty tricks or not. In addition to this we implemented a certain level of interaction between the subversive activities of foreign agencies such as KGB or CIA, and El Presidente's own secret police."

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