Bungie Weekly Update

Bungie has a nice, fat update today, with lots of Halo 2 and Halo 3 stuff for you, including some interesting new art.

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SlyDark Star3656d ago

Once again the artwork is nothing short of amazing with incredible pieces like this I can't wait to see the final cover.

PSN Starfleets3656d ago

Shame the graphics so far are sad. Why even show us such artwork? Seriously?

Themod3656d ago

"The Chief model was built and posed from the game"

Maybe I'm Just reading that wrong, but If thats the In game model so far, props to them

power of Green 3656d ago

I noticed this guy's always wanting to give his piece of mind about the graphics aswell. Hmmm...

eques judicii3656d ago

hehe, take that!!

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