Tips/Tricks to Maximize Video Game Value in This Tough Economy

From Xbox Evolved:

"People continue to buy video games – however, their approach to purchasing games has changed. In this tough economy we're gonna tell you how to get the best from your dollar."

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Blaze9293275d ago

Me personally, I find that I am buying more and more and have bought more used games then I ever did last generation. I used to dislike of buying anything used but this gen I'm doing it a hella lot more. I was younger when I could throw away $50 of gift money for games but now looking at the bigger picture, $60 a pop is no joke and if I can wait a few months and find a game that I really wasn't dying for at $20 and below then by all means I'll do so.

Only games that I buy now at $60 are the games I'm really pumped for and it's usually day one for instance, pre-ordered ODST, Assassins Creed 2, Uncharted 2 etc; the "major" titles but the days of me buying a new need for speed or sports title each year at $60 are long over.

TheWretched3275d ago

This generation, I only bought ONE game full price, which was the european limited edition of Metal Gear Solid 4, which was WELL worth its price. But other than that, I am not willing to splash down 70€ for a game.

I mean, there are some games in my collection, which are worth this much (say Fallout 3 or Resident Evil 5), but mostly, they just aren't. In the beginning of this generation, I rented most games, which was the best course. I mean, it took me full 7 hours to finish Heavenly Sword for gods sake. And the ask me to pay 70€ for that! That just won't work!

I started importing, when the Dollar and Pound became less worth every time I looked. But since I am from Germany, I have to import most games anyway, because most mature games get censored here (Fallout 3 has NO blood or dismemberment whatsoever (Dead Space does, interestingly^^)). This has saved me quite a buck or two. But it's not just the low pound or dollar, which makes importing worthwhile here. In Germany, games literally get NO pricecut until they are a year old or so. In the UK, they get discounted day one AND have a lower pricetag from the beginning.

But I am totally out of cash at the moment, so I have to wait for Christmas or so, to buy some new games, sadly (well, luckily my brother buys games too, and he is a working guy, unlike me, a lazy uni student :P).

Anyways... If you look around enough, you don't even have to buy used locally, if you find shops abroad, which send you the games for less new!

JasonXE3275d ago

yeah thats what I usually do now for most games i'm not jumping out of my seat to play, just wait a few months and bam, alot cheaper. I remember buying Dark Sector day 1 at $60 becuase I was really amped for that game. Turns out the game really wasn't that hot and whadya know, a few months later I was seeing the game go for about $10 or less on Amazon.

AridSpider3275d ago

Haha Dark Sector. I remember that game. I was almost tempted to buy it new at full price too. Good thing I didn't and waited for the demo to come out

ian723275d ago

I have saved a lot of money by waiting a few weeks or months and getting it cheaper brand new as well as second hand. If I want a game bad I will still pay up to £40 day 1. Will not pay any more than £40 for MW2 either. May have to wait for that. Think I will get MW2 for £39.99 at my usual shop, never had to pay more than that there.