PushSquare: Fat Princess on Playstation 3 Hands-On Impressions

PushSquare: "If you're normal, you've probably got a twitching feeling of excitement in the pit of your stomach right now. That's because today is the day Sony finally unleash the highly anticipated Fat Princess into the hands of you greedy Playstation owners. Having beaten the single-player campaign, we're on hand to offer some impressions."

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Babypuncher3307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

title should read: 'Hands on Fat Princess Impressions'

get2sammyb3307d ago

Haha, I see what you did there! Perhaps it should.

ThanatosDMC3306d ago

Great awesome game! I bought it immediately once they had it ready for download. Anyway, so far not one person from my friend's list that has the game (7 of them plus me) hasnt been able to play online.

How about you guys?

DanSolo3307d ago

Its just in the store now and im about halfway thru downloading it. Gona roll that bee-atch in flour and look for the wet spot!!!!

wiggles3307d ago

I'm at work now so I need to wait 6 more hours for my cake....I hope the download goes as fast as the princess eats that cake

get2sammyb3307d ago

Oh blimey. That was a digusting comment. But also rather funny.

Twisted humour is the best kind.

strotee3306d ago (Edited 3306d ago )

1:30 mark.

Edit. Oops, they need to fix the bug when you click Reply and login, it creates a new message instead of replying.

RollingOnNubz3306d ago

You're all a bunch of chubby chasers.

TheDarkCynic3306d ago

Says the person with Chris Farley as their avatar. :D

RAM MAGNUMS3306d ago

Someone just turned me into a chicken! Chirp! Chirp!

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The story is too old to be commented.