Xboxist: IL-2 Sturmovik Demo Impressions

"IL-2 Sturmovik is a love letter to Second World War combat aviation. The dedication to historical accuracy is apparent in every aspect of the Xbox 360 demo, which showcases 2 levels from the upcoming combat flight simulator by 1C Company. Not just historical accuracy, but spit and polish has been lovingly applied to this product, which will surely please a specific fan base of flight simulator aficionados. We aren't exactly the target demographic for 1C Company's latest effort, but we still appreciated our time with the Xbox 360 demo (weighing in at 1.22 GB, available for download now).

It should be clear from the above that IL-2 Sturmovik is no arcade shooter. Although the demo does provide new players with an "arcade" difficulty setting, this does not mean that the focus of the campaign is to provide gamers with thrills (at least not the kind we're normally accustomed to)."

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clinker3339d ago

One thing is for sure, the graphics in the demo are off the hook.

Not sure if I would buy the full game though