Project aims to bring DX10 gaming to XP, Linux, OS X

The Alky Project has a lofty goal: to liberate DirectX 10 gaming from the confines of Vista and bring it first to Windows XP, and then to Linux and OS X. The project plans to do this by building a converter that can take in a DX10 game executable and spit out a modified version that can be run on a (non-Vista) target OS. The target OS must be x86-based, which rules out the PPC version of OS X, since the converter doesn't do any binary translation.

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CyberSentinel4103d ago

We got it locked. You all will upgrade eventually.

SmokeyMcBear4103d ago

Baaaaaa little sheep.... baaaaaaa

hfaze4103d ago

If this project is successful, it brings DX10 games to the masses. What's wrong with that?

And CyberSentinal, get a life...

ITR4103d ago

Eventually someone will crack it.

MS said Vista wouldn't run on Mac..but Apple got it to work anyway.

artman4103d ago

it will run well on macbookpro dual core 2 duo 2.33Ghz with 2GB ram.
but who cares~

BIadestarX4103d ago

Converter? Do you people actually think that the performance will be the same? Emulation <> the real thing. Save yourself the trouble and get vista.

dknight4102d ago

Not, if they virtualize it. Meaning no emulation aka no slow downs.