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3337d ago
Jonty3337d ago

Who is? Now that Bungie say they're not doing any more?

BlackIceJoe3337d ago

I wonder if Gearbox really is working on some thing really related to Halo just MS does not want to get the news out yet. All the time developers and publishers say they aren't doing some thing then at a later date they come out and say they are working the the thing people thought they were.

I my self would love to see Gearbox work on Halo. I would love to see them make a RPG/shooter like Gearbox is with Borderlands just it be Halo instead.

Also with Halo Reach coming out in 2010 you need a Halo game for the tenth anniversary of Halo for 2011. So a Game by Gearbox would be great. So I really hope Gearbox is working on some thing with Halo just it can't be talked about yet.