Xboxic: The Big Avatar Marketplace Blunder

A little over a week ago Xboxic posted information about the 'Xbox Live Update Preview Program' where gamers were given an opportunity to preview the upcoming August 11th dash update. Shortly after the first wave of emails were sent out only the other day, within the hour consoles were updated, fully functioning with a new Avatar Marketplace. Now only a few days into the preview, the biggest blunder in the update is that people have found a way to obtain all Avatar Marketplace items for free!

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thisisxbox3309d ago

The download files are stored on the mem card and HDD under 00009000 folders in the content/0000000000000000 folder, each file name is made up of numbers. If you change the numbers to that of other items you haven't got by comparing with other people who can access their files with xsata or mem card to pc usb cable - then when you sign in on live and got to avatar area you can choose to wear that item which you obtained for free...

GiantEnemyCrab3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

I think it's going to be real easy for MS to compare what you have to what you actually paid for and ban.

The thing is MS need to ban these people permanently. Not pvssyfoot around with them, kill their access indefinitely. Actually, they should be killing the gamertags as well.

These are the same cheats who suck at games so they boost their gamerscore. Once a cheat always a cheat!