Video Game Movies They Should Make (But Won't) writes:

"Not content with dredging through our collective childhoods for comic book and cartoon heroes to bend to their corporate will, Hollywood executives have now started piling on video game-to-movie adaptations. The problem with most, if not all, of these recent video game movies is that they suck, hard. Not that these executives care, since they are just cynically telling directors to paint-by-numbers and churn out dreck that the fans will watch anyway. Since when do games like Street Fighter, Tekken, or Mortal Kombat need movies made about them, anyway? The major point of these games is punching other people in the face, hardly enough content to fill a 2-hour feature film.

To encourage debate and hopefully to show the world that not all video games are mindless entertainment, we've compiled a list of video games that we think would make better films than the current crop of duds."

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clinker3345d ago

A Zelda movie would be incredible, I hope they make it and it doesn't suck. The problem is all of the past video game movies have been terrible, so the odds are slim that they will actually put effort into making it good.

Freak of Nature3344d ago

I agree,if done with major backing,pedal to the metal,the right director and cast,along with art production house....

I would want to see Abe in "ODDWORLD"...An Oddworld movie is on hold,but does have legs. Oddworld inhabitants is working on a movie/game tie in,named "citizen siege",should be some in-coming news within the next 6 Months from what I understand....

How about a full length "Littlebigplanet"? I for one would love it!

jadenkorri3344d ago

Uwe Boll might get an idea

MegaMohsi3345d ago (Edited 3345d ago )

Good list but Bioshock movie has already been confirmed. A Half-Life movie has the potential to be good. I think an AC movie is gonna be announced soon

clinker3345d ago

uh oh, looks like the bioshock movie got put on hold:

MegaMohsi3345d ago (Edited 3345d ago )

Yeah, hopefully they work out the budget issues, they said in the article the director passed on doing a 4th pirates of the caribbean movie to do Bioshock, so I see them working it out and having the movie done by 2011.

--joshua--3345d ago

And I will never understand why it never turns out good on the big screen. I guess it gets filtered through the Hollywood treatment.


aaronisbla3344d ago

Am i the only one here who thinks video games should never be turned into movies? they are horrible

wiggles3344d ago

I saw that title and I saw Bioshock on the cover...and I was like thank god!

I'm already kinda upset Dead Space seems to be getting milked for all it's worth...I wasn't thrilled with the animated movie...they should just stick to the animated comics...those were bad ass.

And yeah..those would be good ideas...but Video Game movies always turn out either average or below...I mean Silent Hill was kinda cool, I can give it a little nod...but the others just suck...I don't want my memories to be tainted by the crap some new Director tries to shovel out at me.

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