Response To The "1st Quarter 2010" Flu Going Around…


"There's a new pandemic making it's rounds and it has nothing to do with swine or flu. This "1st Quarter 2010 Delay" bug going around has been taking the wind out of many gamer's sails. Everyone's crying about Take 2's delays of Bioshock 2, Mafia II, and Red Dead Redemption. Even stealth and action fans will have to wait a bit longer for the latest from Sam Fischer in Splinter Cell. Gamers are crying foul yet no one realizes what is actually going on, and the truth is this..."

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dgroundwater3278d ago

I don't think the author made a point here but whatever. It's true, Modern Warfare 2 muscled everyone else into next year... leaving gamers to reassess their shopping list a bit. I know I have my third buying slot empty after Splinter Cell ran away.

PirateThom3278d ago

Modern Warfare 2 has not once factored into my end of year game list... but then, apart from Splinter Cell, neither have any of the other games that did get delayed.

MegaMohsi3278d ago

Q1 2010 is going to be insane, unless they're more delays...SC: Conviction, GOW 3, Heavy Rain, Bioshock 2, MAG(still hoping for 09), White Knight Chronicles, Mafia 2, Max Payne 3(maybe 2009)

Aclay3278d ago

And there's also more big games in addition to what you said for Q1 2010 like Mass Effect 2, and Alan Wake... damn, 2010 already looks EPIC and that's not even including the games for the 2nd half of the year!

There's so many HUGE games packed into Q1 2010 that it wouldn't surprise me one bit if a few of them got pushed back a little further into April or May.

Yawnier3278d ago

So many great games coming out in Q1, Thank god I have a birthday in Febuary :P.

Aclay3278d ago

I really don't think that it's just because of Modern Warefare 2 because this year Publishers are probably learning from what happened last year, because there was several pretty good games that got lost in the shuffle, like Dead Space, Mirrors Edge, and a few others... and neither of those games (especially Dead Space) got the sales it deserved.

What I don't understand about most Video Game publishers is that they seem to forget that December actually exists... I mean last year it was pretty much just Prince of Persia, and at the moment there's hardly anything worth buying in December at all!

I guess the good thing about the delays is that it will give games with lesser amount of hype to shine, but I still say that a few of those big delayed games could have been released in December.

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