Analysts believe Sony's Kutaragi was squeezed out

It's hard not to imagine industry analysts getting along famously with PlayStation father, Ken Kutaragi. Holding hands, dancing in a circle and spouting outrageous claims at each other, they'd have a jolly good session of prediction, scrutiny and hopscotch. In response to Mr. Kutaragi's recently announced plans to leave the circle, several analysts have expressed belief that his departure is partly motivated by the parent company yelling from the outskirts of the park, insisting that, "You've had your fun, it's time to go." According to a GameDaily BIZ report, the PlayStation 3 may make for a particularly heavy golden hand to shake.

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weekapaugh4010d ago have to have something better than that. I hate to see what your second choice was.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4010d ago

i think of you as a bowel movement.

XxZxX4010d ago (Edited 4010d ago )

Okay today we gonna promote CyberSentinel as the Chairman of N4g.

but I have to give credit to you cyber, That's funny. Nice one :D

THWIP4010d ago

...ya THINK? File this one under N, for "NO DUH!"

neogeo4010d ago

I think all CEO's that lie and tell us things like "PS3 will come with a naked women in the box!!"

Should get the boot for makeing the company look bad.

VirtualGamer4010d ago (Edited 4010d ago )

I always love it when analysts speculate on stuff like this. I had thought his original move was the demotion or at least that was what they where saying then. I wonder if this time they got it right or are they still barking up the wrong tree? One thing that's for sure is, we will likely never know one way or the other. Perhaps that's why they feel encouraged to try and show how smart they are by saying stuff like this.

snoop_dizzle4010d ago

will instill discipline in children..." or something he said one time. He might of said some crazy stuff, but he did some good stuff.

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The story is too old to be commented.