Red Mist - Socially Responsible Prison Game

Red Mist is about to revolutionise the computer gaming world by transforming the way young people control their emotions and make decisions which impact negatively on the rest of their lives.

If a youth offender could live out the consequences of their actions through an immersive realistic digital experience, might they think twice before reacting in a negative way?

Red Mist is an immersive first-person computer game, to be developed primarily for youth offenders and at-risk young people in the Midlands, the UK and the rest of the world. It will help them identify negative emotions and understand the impact reactions can have on their lives. Using innovative Neurosky technology, the application will allow certain outcomes of game-play to be influenced by the player's mental state and emotional control.

EDIT: Character and location artwork has been released showing characters and locations:[email protected]/sets/72157621757884309/

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