Woman buys boy an Xbox webcam for Xbox Live explicit "show"

An Ohio woman, who purchased an Xbox Live webcam for a boy so that they could give each other a "free show" has plead guilty to one count of possessing child pornography. She enticed the Arizona boy over Xbox Live and Myspace to produce sexually explicit images and videos of himself.

Sasser and the boy discussed using Xbox Live video chat to give a "free show to each other," but the boy could not afford the camera. So Sasser purchased a $40 gift card from GameStop and sent it to the boy. The boy then used the card to purchase an Xbox Live camera.

Parents concerned about their child's online Xbox activity should...

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RockmanII73343d ago

Parents concerned about their child's online Xbox activity should make sure they're children aren't stripping in front of a camera that a stranger bought for him and that she is using it to watch him.

nycredude3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

How come this kind of thing never happened to me when I was younger!??

Webcam sex FTMFW!!!

All kidding aside parents have to do a better job of knowing what there kids are doing online nowadays. There are alot of unsavory people out there, not to mention horny pervs!

Kushan3343d ago

Webcam sex? Feck that, I'll stick to having real sex with real girls in real life.

Arthur_3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

OMG! I couldn't agree more! His childhood is off to a rockin start. I was reduced to hand-me down porn mags(with stuck together pages) from my older brother. lol.

Not that im tying to defend the woman, but I think if the boy WILLING went thru with this, something should happen to him too. Its not like she had to FORCE him to do anything.


Spydiggity3343d ago

Wait a minute....he was 16...that's not really a "child." i have a big problem with these laws. It would be one thing if he was 12...then maybe he's a victim. but 16? give me a break. or rather...give her a break. i just don't see the crime.

Mr_Bun3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

You can drive a car at 16, but you can't look at naked women?

XGRaViSmOrSX3343d ago

yea im sure a kid who couldnt afford a $40 camera is getting TONS of ass.....

WEL3343d ago

Thanks for stating the obvious @Kushan. =D

themyk3343d ago

i didn't have a ton of cash when i was like 16 or 17 but i was getting my fair share of ass

mastiffchild3343d ago

There could be lots of other issues here tbh. What if the kid has already got some behavioural problems? That could make the woman even more culpable and if it meant he was unable to make an adult choice over this stuff ir could amount to a virtual rape.

We don't know everything and, though it sounds like a bonus to most 16 year old lads, the opposite could always be true so we must, as I have to, regulate and monitor our kids internet, Live and PSN use.

I've already had concerns opver one "12 year old girl" who tries to talk with my two young boys who I've noticed is always logging on througout the night up to 6 in the morning playing GTA4 and Killzone2(inlike most 12 year old girls if you get my point). "She" plays LBP when she talks to my kids and as there hasn't been any rude chat I caan't say anything yet butalready I'm worried cos you just son't know for sure. Could be as innocasnt as her dad/brother/mom using the same account but, as I say, you can't tell! I don't think it'll be a male using the account , though, as it's very gender specific-unless, obviously, it IS a perv!

Whatever, it's not a name I'd want to be playing Killzone with online! And I'm pretty enlightened!

nycredude3343d ago


"Real" sex is great but you need to broaden your horizon man. You have to enjoy all aspects of sex. Sex isn't just physical and can be mental, visual and audible.

Not to mention sometimes sex in real life becomes too complicated. When you give it to the girl real good then tend to become stage 3 clingers and then they get too fussy and become high maintenance.

The_Darkest_Red3343d ago

Ohhh so thats what that "Xbox Live Experience" is that people are always talking about...

Nineball21123343d ago


Someone posted on that website:

"Show us on the avatar where she touched you"

ThanatosDMC3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

Well... my question is... "Is she hot?" If she is, then bless him. If she's not, she better burn in hell!

Damn, too bad she's the latter...

GameForFame3343d ago

Bah! She looks like a meth head! No wonder her husband turned her in, he didn't want the heat on him - sacrifice the crazy b*tch!

Shadowstar3343d ago

"You can drive a car at 16, but you can't look at naked women?"

No, you can look at naked women. You just can't BE naked in front of anything. THINK OF THE CHILDREN! (Hopefully, someday, someone will think of the ones who are charged with distributing child porn of themselves and termed sex offenders because they are stupid kids with MySpace accounts.)

king dong33342d ago

lol 20 people DISAGREED with you when you said you preffered real sex to web-cam sex.

now that's incredible! and surely a reaon why blogs4fanboys is stacked full of saddest individuals on the net

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dericb113343d ago

The odd part is her husband ratted her out. I mean its normally a single person but this women was married. I blame the husband since he was not "hittin it right".

themyk3343d ago

man it's one thing to get pistoff and maybe even get a divorce or something over it. but damn turn your wife into the police, thats taking it to the next level.

Admiral_Benson3342d ago

Judging by the state of her i wouldn't be suprised it he wasn't hitting it at all! Would you hit that!? lol

He prob saw it as a golden opportunity to trade in his meth-head looking wife, not lose a penny on a divorce and get her out of his face for the next decade. (plenty of time to relocate!)

If i was the kid i would have used the gift card to purchase the latest game i wanted, sent the crazy b1tch a message saying "thanks but no thanks" then deleted her off my friends list. Seeyalater!

Score! Everyone's a winner!

themyk3343d ago

if this is the sort of thing going on on xbox, i might just consider getting one.

nycredude3343d ago

That funny and I agree I might have to pick one up for this. However it's easier to do this on the computer and you don't have to pay for the online.

San Frandisco3343d ago

lol ^^ yeah you do man.. unless you running wirelessly off someone elses network for free.

yorkie3343d ago

lol ^^ why does XBL subscription cover ISP costs as well

Mozilla893342d ago

Yet another aspect of Live thats far ahead of PSN.

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BlackTar1873343d ago

When i was younger this would have been awesome to the guy saying real life this real life that you can still have that.
But the storys about the HOTTTTT teacher sleeping with there students and the students narking on them makes me so angry and jealous when i was akid i would have died for that lol and this. WHy not me dammit why not me although im sure this chick was probably ugly but still WHY NOT MEEEEEEEEEEEE

BYE3343d ago


Step back, You come across too needy, women don't like that.

BlackTar1873343d ago

you all come off needy lol. Funny thing is you think you don't I know i do i get married(not lying) in 2 weeks 8/15/09 and i need this more then anyone lol. I have lived vicariuosly thru my friends for 9yrs now and stories like this don't take that away from me

LOL giving advise on what women want on a gaming forum thats classic fellas.

GameForFame3343d ago

You sad sad boy.


p.s. your second post just barely made sense, well - actually - it made less sense than it made sense ... if THAT even makes sense.

BlackTar1873343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

Im retarded

BlackTar1873343d ago

I came to delete the post LOL i was thinkign im like alright i just typed way to much and now i want to take it all back lol.

You are to quick young jedi knight. But i am deleting it just cause it was stupid and pointless all together .

Anyways no hard feelings i was just having fun i still stand by my perv stance and my living thru my friends and creepy stories like this.

But also judging by yur response you didnt mean any harm in the BOY part so i take it all back.

Game on

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Man_of_the_year3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

Oh MS...bringing people together. Sounds like this kids arm must have been really twisted and so manipulated into running out there to purchase the camera, and have pictures sent to his facebook....

I wish my Highschool grade 9 accounting teacher Mrs. Strath would have twisted my arm like this kid had his. I probably would have paid more attention to the T-ledger format. =P

@madden10 - Old Droid, New account.

NegativeCreep4273343d ago

The little Milo can't go to the police...and he never says no. Lonely nights for the MS butt-buddies will soon become a thing of the past. Be happy for them. They can't get it anywhere else!

topdawg1223343d ago

Wow look at these little perverts on their webcams. Thats all the bots can do on their Xbox 369