The Curtain Rises on the 10-Screen Movie Theater in PlayStation Home, MotorStorm Game Launching Crashes In, and Fat Princess Needs

PlayStation Home Community Manager CydoniaX writes: "We're proud to announce another major core space update. The Movie Theater brings you ten times as much exciting content [including from the PS.Blog! -Jeff] with a brand-new 10-screen layout, a new lobby, and the ability to unlock rewards in select screening rooms. Be sure to check out the screening rooms often – you never know when one of them will be giving something away. Stay tuned for lots of exclusive new videos over the coming months, including the future possibility of full-length TV shows or movies, with new features debuting on a regular basis."

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meepmoopmeep3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

i'm not a fan of Home, never was

but it's shaping up pretty nicely though.
the Buzz mini game is really fun.

for something that's free and not in your face or forced
it's evolving pretty nicely. good for the Home fans i guess

Ryo-Hazuki3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

yea the buzz mini game was actually cool...surprisingly

xTruthx3278d ago

Very Nice indeed. Sony losing money yet we keep getting all this kinds of things which are not free to make, and we get em for free

Trollimite3278d ago

"Stay tuned for lots of exclusive new videos over the coming months, including the future possibility of full-length TV shows or movies"

that would be awesome!!!

Redempteur3278d ago

it is awesome ..
if they manage to pull it off

Chubear3278d ago

Motorstorm HOME gaming space looks sweet! lol I'm glad we got MS:PR game launching now.

Milky Joe3277d ago

I love Home. Me and my Home buddy go on there a few nights a week and just talk to people, have a joke about, check out the new stuff.

People look at Home in completely the wrong way. The fun comes from being sociable and not treating it like a game.

The people who say they have only ever been on there once and found it boring are really missing out.

e-ray3277d ago

What would be cool is if they actually worked a deal with movie companies to let people pay to watch brand new movies from home with the virtual movie theater. Don't know how/if that would work, but just another thought for those with no lives or no one to go see any certain movie with.

Lifendz3277d ago

in Home and people will have an incentive to login and see what's new. Home is/was one of those things that takes 2-3 years to really start wowing you. If Home becomes a staple of PSN, and I think it will, imagine what features we'll have by the time the PS4 launches.

rockleex3277d ago

Announcing new games or new game features, doesn't have to be Home related, within their Home spaces.

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Lifewish3278d ago

they are def. taking things in the right direction with HOME

NJShadow3278d ago

It seems like now things are really starting to pick up. And I'm pretty sure there's a lot on the back burner, so I think we'll see a lot in the coming months.

LiquifiedArt3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago ) enough to show you how you missed the HARDCORE audience. So I hope you enjoy the 15yr old market, since they dont hae the money to BUY anything, they will jsut chit chat with their girl gamer friends for hours. So since you have that market in the bag, how about you (SONY) come up with an idea to meet the GAMER expectations.

HOME is too broad of an idea. It lacks direction. Seperate spaces and namco arcade machines you literally have to LAUNCh into!!! It misses the "Gamer" market on so many levels its unreal.

Johnny Rotten3278d ago

cry much? even if it was to your standards you'd still be a sad panda.

Chubear3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

btw, doesn't anyone ever think how stupid one must be to get multiplat games for the 360 instead of the PS3? I mean when you think about it, this is what happens:

Buying 360 version of Modern Warfare 2: Buy disc for $60; play only half the content; Pay extra to unlock use for other half of disc.

Buying PS3 version of Modern Warfare 2: Buy disc for $60 and play ALL content on disc; get free gaming virtual MW space in HOME and play additional mini games for free.

So with 360 versions you pay extra for the game and the PS3 version you don't pay extra to unlock the full disc content and you get mini games and a dedicated game space for free.

... why the hell would I get the 360 version? for X-game voice chat instead of X-game text chat?... uhm, no.

user39158003278d ago

Her husband was jealous about a kid showing his wiener to his wife, and went to tell the authority because the kids pecker was bigger than his.

Only on xbox you see great shows like this one, if you can think it online, then no doubt that you could do it.

Lol, I can see it already how dare you look at that pecker online and tell me you like it. lol................

Reminds me of the fandroids, how dare you tell me the 360 its better and every month its the same thing the PS3 continues with its loosing slump.

Megaton3278d ago

Dunno if it's even possible at this point, but they need to seriously streamline everything. Load times between spaces need to be cut in half at least, and there's gotta be a way around everyone loading up as a transparent figure whenever you move to a new area. Takes forever to fully load the people in a space, even with them all being extremely low-res unless you're close up.

Redempteur3278d ago

you're asking for too much ... it doesn't take THAT much time to load everything especially if it's not your first time into a space ..

They are improving home whenever they can , that much is obvious ...

Megaton3278d ago

Asking for it to load faster is too much? Loading is the same whether it's your 1st time or your 50th time there, the only difference is that you don't have to download it beforehand after the first time. Still takes way too long to move from place to place, and then you've gotta load all the super low-res people every time you enter a new place.

Redempteur3277d ago

you're asking too much in the sens that it doesn't take that much time to load ..
if you compare spaces at the star of the beta loaded much slower ... they improved it a bit .. and i'm sure they will continue to . Now it's much less a problem as before ...

Solidsnakex233277d ago

it has been loading a lot faster, compared to when it first came out. Have you been in the closed beta? it was heck to go between places. For me at least, it isn't really a problem (the loading time). As for the transparent people... As long as it loads up you know? As long as I can still walk around and not have to wait until the whole place loads up I'll take the hit.

Redempteur3277d ago

Two choices it's either :

- you load everything and the load times are enormous
- you load the minimum first the space THEN the people in it .. so ( for exemple ) you're NOT waiting FOR NOTHING when you're visiting the mall , or any other crowed space .
DO i really have to wait FOR all 64 people in the buzz space to appear to have fun and play ?
Of course not.. It's not like you can't for exemple find a specific person by the name on the top of the avatar when you're walking in the plaza ....

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