Demo impressions: Ninja Gaiden Sigma

Arstechnica shares their take on the Ninja Gaiden Sigma demo.

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specialguest4128d ago

Over 5 hours? that's a huge lie. I turned on my PS3 at 7:45pm and had Virtual Tennis, Ninja Gaiden, and 3 movie trailers qued up for dl and left home. I got back about an hour and several minutes later and everything is completely downloaded.

ER1X4128d ago

Took me about 20 minutes to d/l. *shrugs*

Very good demo IMO. Couple of different modes with online rankings. One of the better demo's I've seen.

cuco334128d ago

really depends i guess where you live. i've read on other boards im on that it took them a ton of hours to download at a super slow speed

kmis874128d ago

Took me about an hour per demo I would say.

INehalemEXI4128d ago (Edited 4128d ago )

Sigma and GT:HD are some killer demos, I like how they have unlockable modes and rankings. Gfx are primo as well.

I hope we see some more demos like this soon.

SaturnTo4128d ago

I downloaded it in less then 20 minutes myself. Looks real sharp!

XxZxX4128d ago

Excellent Demo...Hey check this out?? What happen if Team Ninja release this excellent game on PS3 and got PS3 players hooked on it. Then it rolls out Ninja Gaiden 2 on 360 exclusive..BAM!!! People will get lured to XBOX 360..!! hmmmmmmm......

kmis874128d ago

Actually, NGS is probably a test of the ability of Team Ninja to use the ps3 as a successful development platform. If they find the ps3 to be a reasonable console to develop for and if sales meet or exceed expectations then I would say expect them to support the system by at least letting the NGS team handle porting of the future 360 games, or possibly let them develop new IPs for the ps3.

If the game fails to sell them expect very limited support this generation from Team Ninja.

JewyMcJew4128d ago

Which game is prettier, Gears of War or Ninja Gaiden Sigma?

(please only reply if you have played both)

ErcsYou4127d ago

most gamers are not fruit cakes, please dont ever say pretty again about these two hardcore games.

jahcure4127d ago

As a ps3 owner and a GOW player i'll give this title to GOW. Visuals on GOW i have not seen matched on any other game.

Gameplay however is a totally different story but i'll leave final judgement for when the full version of NGS comes out, but right now i'll put NGS out front in terms of gameplay

Figboy4127d ago

you're trying to compare a full-fledged game to a DEMO that still has 3 more months until release.

also, the games are completely and utterly different in art direction.

it's like comparing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas to Metal Gear Solid. totally different games and design.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma is gorgeous.

Gears of War is a goodlooking game, though not my style.

i'm enjoying the hell out of the Sigma demo that's for sure.

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The story is too old to be commented.