Sega Europe: "No plans" for local Yakuza 3

VG247: Sega Europe's told VG247 this morning that it has "no current plans" to bring Yakuza 3 to the territory.

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Fulensenca3308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

Valkyria Chronicle 2 on PSP instead of PS3 ( I want it on my 40", don' t blame me PSP owners ;P ), and now no Yakuza 3 ... I' m very, very disappointed. Sega sucks.

mastiffchild3308d ago

FFS Sega! all we want is the Jap version with some subs! HOW HARD IS THAT!

Xof3308d ago

Current=/=Planned, and Europe is kind of the last stop for Japanese games.

Simon_Brezhnev3308d ago

well Sega America better plan for it

Solbadguy3308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

the best game I like that come from Sega are the ones that sell the least? Shenmue and now Yakuza, I'll never know what happens.

Ryo-Hazuki3308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

1. Lets make Shenmue 1 and put it on our brand new system called the dreamcast. Forget the fact it cost 70mil to make and forget the fact every single dreamcast owner needed to buy 2 copies to break even....

2. Lets port over Shenmue 2 to the xbox (a brand new system from a company who is barely getting into the console business) when barely anybody owned that system yet alone it was a fps console. Lets forget the fact tons of people imported dreamcast version cuz we took forever to bring it to the states...and we're gonna skip out on the ps2 which is the bigger base and for games of that nature. So we're gonna act like the game was given a fair opportunity to sell big.

3. Hey, we're sega....lets localize yakuza 2 to the ps2 2yrs after the game originally came out. And lets bring it over there at a time when almost everybody has jumped on to the next-gen consoles....So when people ask us for a localized yakuza 3..we're just gonna say yakuza 2 didnt sell well so we're not bringing it over.

4. Oh you guys want more got it :) We will continue to bring more crappy sonic games to you.

SEGA always makes terrible decisions...this is nothing new

Simon_Brezhnev3308d ago

i agree with you 100% they are just retarded

mastiffchild3308d ago

And about the Sonic thing-why did the demo for Unleashed only ave you playing the good bits as Sonic? If you went by that you wouldn't even know the awful 80% of the game that was played as the Werehog! Bit sly, imo, and wtf was the VC demo about? As much as the Unleashed demo tried to fool you into thinking it was a decent game the VC demo made you think one of this gens best games was the most boying game ever created and tried it's very best to put you off!

If I had a fiver for every persn who told me the VC demo put them off it I'd be able to afford even Activisions prices for a couple of new games!

Seriously, though, why not make a patch for subtitles available for those interested in Y3 or Kenzan! in the west? Even if it was about a fiver I'd get it so I could impost the game and play it and so would, I think, many other fans of the series-why don't they take advantage of the region free nature of PS3 games and do this to maximise profits? Even if only 40, 000did it they'd make a profit without extra production or shipping runs. We're in a bad economic time but Sega just refuse(and they aren't alone) to utilise the things at their disposal to maximise the profits for these games-I think a subtitle patch is a decent idea-seriously how much would that cost them? Relative pennies, imo. Plus they might find it works as a way to localise more niche titles and build their fanbase worldwide for very little investment.

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