Analyst: Are Wii And DS Good For The Market?

In his latest investor note, Kaufman Bros analyst Todd Mitchell examines Nintendo's latest financial report and concludes that, while they may be bringing new gamers into the industry, the move "not be a positive dynamic for the major video game publishers."

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CyberSentinel4246d ago

For reasons I'd rather not say.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4246d ago

maybe its because I'm no longer juvenile.

ItsDubC4245d ago

Or perhaps it's because you're a teenage male going through that phase in which you feel that you're "too cool" to play games that don't involve shooting or racing fast cars. I've been there before.

I personally don't know a Wii-owning juvenile whose parents don't also play the Wii. By far most Wii-owners I know as well as those I know who want a Wii but don't own one yet, are adults.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4245d ago

¡Es justo el hecho de que el Wii IMO es un TRUCO demasiado caro del juguete de los cabritos que lava el cerebro el ingenuo!

Not " too cool " as you say, just " too smart to spend $250 on a slight Gamecube upgrade." :)

jennifercendejas4244d ago

the wii is a great console.
it's the best way to share your love of gaming with someone you love<3. how often do you get grandma to play tennis with you? annnnd you have to accuse her of dirty rotten cheating because she is kicking you ass? or get your girlfriend to stop whining and start demanding the controller?

these are moments you should all have.