LTD hardware sales for Wii, DS

Nintendo has released updated life-to-date hardware sales figures for both the Wii and DS.

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knox3159d ago

damm those numbers are insane

3159d ago
qface643159d ago

im a gamer and i enjoy my wii allot i enjoy my ds even more have such a huge collection of games and so many of em are different

people are just fools saying the same stuff over and over again

3159d ago
qface643159d ago

hey if enjoying games makes me a fool then at least im a happy fool

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PS360WII3159d ago

DS: 107.7 million
Wii: 52.6 million


SuperStrokey11233159d ago

My god, Nintendo is just putting out sick numbers. Makes you wonder if people will refer to now as Nintendo's golden age or the SNES era.

knox3159d ago

dsi not to shabby either

darthv723159d ago

Are these numbers for all versions of the DS hardware? DS, DS lite and DSi are all just variations of the same, that would imply that roughly 7 mil of that 107+ is DSi.