GameFocus: Wii Sports Resort Review

GameFocus writes: "After Wii Sports, Wii Play and Wii Music, Nintendo presents Wii Sports Resort, the latest addition to the mini-game compilation genre. The game takes you to Wuhu Island, a charming and colourful tropical island, where twelve activities are waiting for you. Archery, Swordplay, Basketball, Wakeboarding, Cycling, Power Cruising, Frisbee, Canoeing and Air Sports alongside three activities from both the original Wii Sports (Bowling and Golf) and Wii Play (Table Tennis) are being featured. Most of them carry extra activities. Up to twelve additional variants can be unlocked while playing some of the activities."


+ Twelve mini games, possibility to unlock gameplay variants
+ Comes bundled with Wii Motion Plus, great price point
+ Lots of fun when played with friends
+ Accessible activities, learning curve for the most part is easy
+ Archery is certainly the most amusing and addictive of all activities


- Playing alone might not be the best way to enjoy Wii Sports Resort
- Requires extra WiiMotionPlus add-ons for multiplayer, unless you don't mind passing

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