GameFocus: 'Splosion Man Review

GameFocus writes: "Microsoft is kicking off the summer of 2009 with a great series of games to play with the first one being 'Splosion Man from Twisted Pixel the devious and talented developers of one of the best downloadable games ever The Maw. Giving a new twist on a very old game genre you control 'Splosion Man as he escapes the lap and blows up everything and everyone around him in a series of great platform inspired levels. With 50 levels of co-op gaming and 50 more levels of single player gaming this is one of the best reasons to stay indoors this summer and you get it for only 800 MS points (10 bucks). You cannot go wrong with 'Splosion Man."


+ 'Splosion Man is a quirky fun character
+ Great game idea that is simple to play and downright fun
+ Co-op and single player are awesome
+ Good graphics and audio
+ unlockable theme and gamer pics
+ Only 800 MS Points
+ Very good level design


- Some of the levels are annoying
- Camera changes can cause senseless deaths

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