Burn Zombie Burn Achieved Sales of 70,000 Units

Doublesix today announced the success of its first PlayStation Network title 'Burn Zombie Burn.' The game has now achieved sales of 70,000 units, the studio's internal benchmark for success. As digitally distributed titles tend to have a longer life cycle, the game continues to sell well after the initial release and doublesix are confident that 'Burn Zombie Burn' will reach a significantly higher lifetime figure.

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TOO PAWNED3278d ago

70k is not impressive....

gaffyh3278d ago

Well obviously it's good enough for the devs, which means they made a profit, which means it's good.

cayal3278d ago

70k is their benchmark. If they are happy, it's impressive.

Cwalat3278d ago

Remember, the only way people usually buy games from PSN is from their Credit Cards. Not alot of gamers have them, so 70 000 is impressive figure.

I believe when the majority of gamers soon realize the meaning of those PSN pay cards at their local stores they'll start to buy more games online. And when the PSP Go hits release date i think more people will come to realize that the Digital market is the future.

Dawn_Of_Ashes3278d ago

i hope its enough to get a online coop patch :)

Briefcase Joe3278d ago

I bought this game, and it's not worth $10. It's pretty fun, but it get old quickly. $5 would be a good price.

PimplePopperMD3278d ago

I bought it. No online multi, no thanks. Deleted.