IncGamers - IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey Preview

Tamer Asfahani has a chance to play a near finished version of IL-2 Sturmovik.

"There's something about flight simulators and consoles that don't quite work. Despite the genre being focused primarily at the PC market, or even the Mac market, the simulator balance is never quite right. This doesn't mean there aren't good arcade flight games out there with simulator aspects, but it does mean those that are used to the anal micromanagement systems find it hard to find any depth in console "simulators"."

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Leord3275d ago

It's sure hard to make a proper flight sim with a console...

Fyzzu3275d ago

I'm interested as to how this plays out, as I can't imagine playing a realistic flightsim without an actual flightstick. Or, hell, even a joystick, but not an analogue stick on a controller.

Sounds like it doesn't matter quite so much here, though.

Maticus3275d ago

Sounds pretty damn awesome.

AndyA3275d ago

The scenery looks absolutely stunning in this game. Best I've seen in a flight sim.

thetamer3275d ago

I agree with you. Some scenery is lost when you start flying under a certain altitude, but this game is incredible