Game Division Disappears from Sony's Report

Sony's first quarter report for 2009/2010 is in and it's dark news. First up comes the fact that the company has stopped reporting 'Game' as a division on its own - it is now simply part of Kaz Hirai's Networked Products & Services, along with music players.

So, why has the Game division reporting been buried inside Networked Products and Services along with Vaio, 'other' and 'portable audio devices' ?

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Genesis53303d ago (Edited 3303d ago )

It's called restructuring and a lot of companies are doing it these days. They are trying to streamline operations because with all the separate divisions they had before there where to many redundancies and poor communacations between the separate departments.

Why is this news now? Sony told us 3 months ago that they were doing this.

mrv3213302d ago

It's news now because Microsoft recently announced a drop in profits... so people(fanboys) are trying to invent ways to make Sony fail.

No doubt Sony saw a drop in profits BUT I don't think Sony are closing down their gaming operations.

gaffyh3302d ago

Lol you know what they were going for in this story...PS3 is doomed cos there is no game division!!!!

Too bad these dumbasses didn't realise that sony did some major restructuring earlier in the year

loganremy3302d ago

i wonder why someone would disagree with what you just said

mrv3213302d ago

It was Omega84 who disagreed, he's a fanboy don't care which one but they ALL seem to ignore the facts such as

All three systems have great games
All three systems have their disadvantages and advantages
The best system is the system that is best for you.
No one system is universally better for everyone.

Aquanox3302d ago

Microsoft posted a drop in profits as a corporation, however, the Gamming division still stands strong, is the only one growing Year over Year and keeps posting positive profits.

On the other hand, Sony is going red this year, of course many companies are, but the big difference is that this decline is mostly due to the terrible PS3 performance compared to the last period and its high production cost. Add to that the fact that exclusives aren't selling as well as expected (Killzone 2) after a massive investment and this is probably why people wonder where are the Gamming Division numbers.

Microsoft is losing money as a corporation IN SPITE of the good gamming division performance. Sony is losing even more BECAUSE of the poor gamming division performance.

Capice now?

Anon19743302d ago

@ Aquanox. Not only does that have nothing to do with this article, it's also wrong. Microsoft Entertainment has been in the red for 2 consecutive quarters now, and annual profits for them fell by almost 70% this year over last, with the 360 posting it's worst sales quarter in 2 years.
Bear in mind that comparing Sony and Microsoft profits is clearly a apples and oranges comparison, they aren't even remotely in the same business overall, I don't know what your trying to peddle here but it sure isn't anything close to the truth.

loganremy3302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

Wow, the disagrees are mounting up. what he said was completely true and some people disagree with him. sony said this earlier this year they was going to reconstruct and merge some of division to save cost. The guy writing the article didn't do his research. so how can people disagree when someone call him out on it. edit: man if i'm lose a bubble for speaking the truth. than be man enough to explain why you disagree

Kushan3302d ago

I don't see this report trying to spin anything, there's no reason to get any fanboy feathers ruffled.
Lets face it, recovering economy means everyone's going to be feeling the pinch, that includes BOTH MS and Sony.

Anon19743302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

What I do see are gamers who are rightly questioning how this article was approved. It doesn't bring anything new. Should I report on the moon landing like it happened today?
The current economic situation has nothing to do with it, and the insinuation that Sony is trying to hide something is laughable in light of the facts.

Kushan3302d ago

The article is referring to a report released TODAY, so yes it is actually reporting "something new". If a different article reporting the same report Sony released was approved earlier today, hit the dupe button, but don't blame this particular article for it.

Anon19743302d ago

This article is clearly a dupe of today's release, mixed with old news from the beginning of the year. It offers nothing new.

RememberThe3573302d ago

It's "gaming" with an extra "m". Duh! Everyone knows that real gamers "gamm". "Gaming" is for casual gamers only. lol

shadow27973302d ago

Really? I thought it was the process of turning people into the Hulk via Gamma rays. I knew Microsoft was hiding something...

Captain Tuttle3302d ago

lol...thanks for the explanation. It all makes sense now.

And this is old news, all part of the restructuring.

The_Beast3302d ago

Lead of the bots to all the bots: PSHHH forget the facts! sony is doomed, they just had 1 compenys missing,dont listen to what anyone says. idc its the truth dont listen to them

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RockmanII73303d ago

Teh PS3 is Doo0omed!!! Seriously though, worse things can happen.

user39158003302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

Sony's first quarter report for 2009/2010 is in and it's dark news. First up comes the fact that the company has stopped reporting 'Game' as a division on its own (they lost 2.2 billion) - it is now simply part of Kaz Hirai's Networked Products & Services, along with music players.

In terms of figures for what was the Game division overall, there is a breakdown that shows that 'Sales and Operating Revenue' from 'Game' products fell by 48.6% from the same period last year.

PlayStation 3 sales were down: 1.1 million units were sold this year compared to 1.6 last year. The PSP's decline is even more steep with 1.3 millions PSPs sold into retail this quarter compared to 3.7 million last - bear in mind that last year saw a huge PSP win with the Monster Hunter Freedom 2G bundle, leading to it outselling the DS for a while in Japan.

So, why has the Game division reporting been buried inside Networked Products and Services along with Vaio, 'other' and 'portable audio devices'.

For a start it enables Kaz Hirai and his deputy, Kunimasa Suzuki, to report on the NPS Division that they are responsible for in a more streamlined manner. This could, possibly, enable Sony CEO, Sir Howard Stringer, to finalise his plan for a company in which division speaks unto division.

The more unlikely and paranoid explanation is that Sony could simply be trying to bury figures from a failing product line... inside figures from another couple of failing product lines.

In another words Sony its [email protected] just like the millions of fandroids, now go on and make up excuses and dont forget to eat your sh!t salad.

36T3302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

"The Only thing that has gone Missing this year is...xBox 360 Games!!! ;-D"

You sure about that? You might wanna go over the release dates again. At the same time, you might as well check on Sony's 2009 lineup as well. Compare the two and get back to me.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi: "What!? Me no understand."

Lucreto3303d ago

This is just part of the restructuring. I did a projuect on this and looked over the numbers for the previous years and some sectors were absorbed into another.

There is no reason to flame about this and does not mean anything.

Stevie Ray Vaughan3303d ago

Quick Sony! Hide those numbers!

Anon19743302d ago

Sony's been restructuring their operations for over a year now.

You want hiding numbers? Have a look at Microsoft's Entertainment division under their fiscal updates in 2007. The second 360 numbers started to fall below 2006 numbers Microsoft stopped reporting 360 consoles shipped, instead just posting revenue. Just look at 3rd and 4th quarter 2006 versus 2007 numbers. 360 sales dropped well more than 50% year over year and Microsoft just stopped reporting them. We only know it happened by filling in the blanks when they started to announce lifetime 360 shipments again.

Fleet Fox3302d ago


Nineball21123302d ago

Stevie... don't you have a helicopter to catch somewhere? ;-)

Darkride is right. It's due to the restructuring of their divisions. Nothing sinister going on here.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3302d ago

SPIN BABY SPIN! Quick Sony shred the copies before it gets out the PS3 is failing... opps to late :D

Man_of_the_year3302d ago

How come when MS released Bungie and "absorbed" Ensamble Studios all the PS3 fanboys were saying that MS was in trouble even when ES told everyone that they were being disbanded and moved to different gaming divisions within MS studios?

So its ok for SONY to do it after MS did it LAST YEAR but MS was the ones who were the bad guys and the failures and crazy for doing it, and must be hiding something?

3302d ago
Anon19743302d ago

What a ridiculous comment. If you bothered to follow industry news you'd know that MS Entertainment is in the red again, has been for the past two quarters, bore the brunt of the announced layoffs earlier this year, has been reorgainising, has struggled to ever post a profit, can't possibly make up the loses incurred with the 360 at this current rate, the 360 was getting it's ass handed to them for 2008 until the price cut, now the price cut seems to have worn off with the 360 posting it's worst sales quarter in 2 years.

In the meantime the PS3 has moved almost 4 million more consoles in it's first 2 1/2 years versus what the 360 sold, proof that the PS3 is being adopted faster by consumers over the same amount of time.

What do you want me to say? I'm not going to sit here and lie when the facts are so easily verified. Any literate gamer can easily Google the reports and verify what I say is true. How is any of that spin? And how is simply pointing out that this article is old news mixed with a duplicate story from today more spin? The truth is the truth. There's no need to spin it. It speaks for itself.

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Marty83703303d ago

Talk about 'Spong' trying to spin things. Sony trying to bury figures is bullsh#t.

Sony is restructering thats why some of ther division are getting combined.

Spong are just f#cking idiots hating on Sony.

3302d ago
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