Naughty Dog reveal beta numbers for June

Uncharted developer Naughty Dog has revealed the number of players who participated in the Uncharted 2 beta in June.

Co-President of Naughty Dog, Christophe Balestra, revealed that 130 543 players enjoyed the beta in June.

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AntoineDcoolette3309d ago

The multiplayer beta was awesome, can't wait for full polish and glory of the final release.

Cwalat3309d ago

Beyond my understanding why you got a disagree for thinking the beta was awesome. Fu**ing fanboys never sleep.

Yeah the Multiplayer beta was AWESOME, didn't think the controls would be so great but when i played it, it was just perfect... never had a single issue with the controls. Man i love Naughtydog! <3

Close to 150 000 ppl played the beta.. very huge numbers considering it was a closed beta, with invite only.

Man i really hope everyone buys Uncharted 2... It's stupid to miss out on such a great game.

StanLee3309d ago

Dude, apparently you're not very good at Math. How is 130,543 close to 150,000?

Max Power3309d ago

allowed to round up? I mean its closer to 150 than 100.

Cwalat3309d ago

stanlee -

Well.. it IS close to 150 000, so i don't get your point...

StanLee3309d ago

Are you retards high?! If he said close to 131,000 persons participated in the beta that would be fine but to round up by 20,000 is a bit much don't ya think?! What kind of morons are you?!

raztad3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

StanLee is right. You can NOT round up 131 to 150, possible approximations 130 or 100.

On topic: UC2 beta was awesome. I had inFAMOUS pre-ordered before the beta voucher was announced. It was a real nice bonus :D

MTEC83309d ago

I don't really know if those are good numbers or not, what I do know is the game is freaking awesome and I reserved the game after playing the beta. Uncharted 1 was my first platinum and UC2 will be my 7th!

Bubble Buddy3309d ago

Ye I'm the one guy from Mongolia :). lol i kid :D

Cwalat3309d ago (Edited 3309d ago )

raztad and [email protected]

It's all about which rounding setting you use, if i were to round it like this:

"100 000 played the beta"

Wouldn't that be more wrong than "close to 150 000 played the beta"?

131 000 is closer to 150 000 than it is to 100 000, so saying i'm a retard... is just proving what a retard YOU are. ([email protected])

and why do you say "you CAN'T"... wtf is this some kind of rules of how much you are allowed to round up?
If they were larger numbers: "880 000 000" would you round it down to 850 or up to 900? You'd be a retard to round it down 850.

BulletToothtony3309d ago

if you would've rounded it up to 100,000 he wouldn't had made a peep..

AntoineDcoolette3308d ago

I didn't play the beta, you can't round 131,000 to 150,000 (it makes no fvcking sense), try round down to 130,000, you definitely can't round it up to 100,000, that's rounding it down (bullet), the majority of you are tools, and thanks for the speech bubble.

I'm not a PS3 hater, its the only current console I own, I just didn't care all that much for Uncharted though its sequel looks far more promising.

Love N4G community, love.

Uzesgelen_Goo3306d ago

i'm that one Tseska_922

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Lanontscuz3309d ago

but i didn't want to play the beta cuz i want the full release of the game!!

kharma453309d ago

All I'm gonna say is that was your loss :P

Raf1k13309d ago

And you didn't offer it to anyone who might have wanted it?

No_NaMe3309d ago

Not bad for Ps3 , on 360 thats would be a disaster.

MGOelite3309d ago

its a closed beta lol what are expecting

WhittO3309d ago

well it would be different if everyone could download the beta off the store, but since those codes were hard to get hold of, them numbers are great!!

Many (Including myself) would have loved to be in the beta but i just couldnt get a key (the site i pre-ordered from ran out and couldnt give me 1).

Think what those numbers would have been in an open beta!

Silly gameAr3309d ago

Ahh. To be a freshman in high school with my first gaming console. I wish I wish your age again.

Kinetix3309d ago

I think that's a low number...even for the ps3.

TheTruth893309d ago

What are you talking about?
Low Number? Only official sony beta tester recived the code... it was CLOSED... not public and open... 100k is a great number.

pianplay3309d ago

Does this guy think those are sales of the game or what? lol

It was a closed beta. If it was an open beta and was available in the psn store, the numbers would EASILY be more than double that.

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